ZHIYUN’s FIVERAY F100 and M40: Price, Specifications, Release Date Announced

ZHIYUN launched the FIVERAY F100 and M40 go-anywhere lights today. These innovative new lighting models increase performance and the ways designers can use portable lighting.

Of the two new lights, the FIVERAY F100 is aimed at enthusiasts and professionals alike, while the M40 is a palm-sized light, ready for use by vloggers or anyone who needs a small powerful light.

The larger of the two models is the FIVERAY F100, the second model in the range, following the FR100c announced earlier this year. This lamp impresses with outstanding performance, which over the past few months has proven to be a powerful lighting solution for both still images and videos. The new FIVERAY F100 builds on the design and quality of the FR100c.

The second light to launch is the smaller, palm-sized M40, designed as an easy-to-use fill light for stills and video. This makes it an ideal solution for those using ZHIYUN’s range of compact mobile motorized gimbal stabilizers and used as a standalone light.

Both new lights feature the latest LED technology and due to the brightness and performance, both feature ZHIYUN’s patented DynaVort cooling system. This system was used to dramatic effect on the FR100c, allowing for incredibly bright lighting without the usual heat issues that plague many other compact light sources.

Developed in collaboration with physicists, the cooling system features intelligent stay-colll technology that applies fluid dynamics, advanced fan control algorithms, and a gyroscopic modeling heatsink.


Inside the tiny M40, the attitude control algorithm is similar to that used in gimbals. This means that DynaVort technology offers superior heat dissipation compared to other compact light sources and enables 40W of power in a device that weighs just 320g.

Yilun Liao, CEO of ZHIYUN, said, “We are passionate about using groundbreaking innovations – be it with our iconic gimbals or our new FIVERAY lighting devices – to simplify and reinvent content creation. With several industry firsts under our belts, including the M40’s DynaVort Cooling System™, our products offer full creative control and comfort for those looking to experience and act out their inner filmmaker.”

A quick look at the ZHIYUN M40’s specs and its credentials are impressive despite its small size.

Embedded with 176 LED chips

Incredible illuminance of 14,000 lux at the top

Adjustable two-tone temperature in the range of 2,700-6,200,000 and constant peak power at 40W without flashes for a stable light source

A standard quality offering for photography and videography with a CRI of 96+ and TLCI of 97+


On the heels of the FIVERAY FR100c launched earlier this year, the ZHIYUN F100 is the tricky second album. Again, the new fixture follows the FR100c’s wand-like design and looks identical to the big lamp in almost every way, with the long diffuser panel softening the lighting from the LEDs, while the rear houses a row of shrouded fans and the control panel all clearly arranged.

The new lamp weighs only 950g, and with the handle it is light and easy to use with one hand, as well as easy to mount on the tripod on the 1/4 inch thread when needed.

Inside, the LEDs allow for powerful illumination of 20,708 LUX with a maximum output of 100W, an ideal amount for most lighting situations.

In addition to the adjustable 100W direct lighting, the F100 has six pre-programmed lighting effects that you can use to add atmosphere to your scenes if required.

Second in the series, a good range of accessories are now also available including a diffuser and grille.

Here are some highlights of ZHIYUN F100 features:

  • One-click operation of hue saturation intensity mode via dial: HSI mode. Adjust H Hue (0-360°), S Saturation (0-100%) and I Intensity (0-100%) and experience rich, vibrant colors via the dial.
  • The frosted body creates a diffused, warm ambiance, while its groundbreaking structure integrates portability and performance.
  • Professional color rendering with RGB increased by 47% from 2700K to 6200K in CCT mode


Prices and Availability

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 is available for £99/$99/€119 from the ZHIYUN and Amazon stores.

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY F100 is available for £249/$249/€299 on ZHIYUN and Amazon stores.

From December 7th to 8th, the F100 and M40 will be available on a buy-one-get-one-free basis on select channels including Amazon, ZHIYUN Official Store, AliExpress and B&H. For more information, see this link.


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