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Fifa’s alcohol ban statement offers no clarity as to why the decision was made at this late stage. Zero transparency from them on this matter. what’s new

The good news for beer connoisseurs is that Bud Zero will still be available. I can’t underestimate how bad a drink has to be.

To be fair to Qatar and Fifa, they went really early to make this look like the worst World Cup in history. When you set the bar that low, anything better becomes a success.

Alcohol sales banned in stadiums

Fifa has, as expected, confirmed the news that fans will no longer be able to purchase alcoholic beverages in the stadium area, as previously promised.

Here is FIFA’s statement.

Ask for.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting to find out how the Guardian will be covering the World Cup. Here’s everything you need to know:

I’m particularly excited about Karen Carney’s weekly column.

Manchester United take ‘reasonable steps’ over Ronaldo interviews

Manchester United have ‘taken appropriate steps’ after the airing of Cristiano Ronaldo’s groaning interview with Piers Morgan. The forward made numerous critical comments about the club’s coaches (past and present), owners and general line-up.

A statement from the club read: “Manchester United took appropriate steps this morning in response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent media interview. We will have no further comment until this process is complete.”

James Maddison was again the only player to train outside the main group as England continued to prepare for the World Cup opener.

The Three Lions take on Iran in Group B on Monday before taking on the United States and neighboring Wales.

Maddison is hoping to be fit for the start of the tournament after a positive investigation into the knee condition that saw him substituted in the first half of Leicester’s win at West Ham last weekend.

The midfielder came out for the pre-session huddle on Friday but worked for the second straight day outside the main group in what the Football Association described as load management. PA media

How will your team do at the World Cup? Here’s your chance to submit your views…

Budweiser doesn’t seem particularly pleased with recent beer events…

Apparently, the main problem is not that alcohol sales will be banned near stadiums, but that the Qataris have reversed an agreement at the last minute. How can people have faith in everything they said about welcoming the LGBTQ+ community when they change their minds on other issues?

Phil Foden wants to prove what he can do on the world stage. Will Gareth Southgate’s tactics help or hinder the Manchester City striker?

France midfielder Adrien Rabiot wants Les Bleus to stick together to redeem themselves after failing to win Euro 2020 when they lost to Switzerland in the round of 16.

“The most important thing is that we have to stick together. So we don’t look outside of the group for things that can hurt our morale. We have the potential to do better than at the Euro,” Rabiot said ahead of the World Cup opener against Australia. “It is true that we have a lot of luxury this time. We live in this little bubble. In the euro it was mid-COVID with a lot of restrictions and it made everyday life difficult.”

Qatar has been accused of “deafening silence” over plans for a migrant workers’ centre

The leading union trying to improve conditions for migrant workers in Qatar has warned a positive legacy from the World Cup is unlikely after proposals for a migrant workers’ center and broader reforms were met with “deafening silence” by government officials. Paul MacInnes has the exclusive.

Paul MacInnes takes a look at the fan experience in Qatar. I wouldn’t like it myself, but to each their own.

Take your mind off that beer news by reading Sid Lowe’s big ol’ banter with Athletic Bilbao and Spain goalkeeper Unai Simon.

Reportedly, beer will no longer be sold inside Qatar 2022 stadiums. The announcement is imminent and will come two days before the first game, adding to the controversy surrounding the hosting of this tournament.

The decision will cause problems between Fifa and sponsor Budweiser, which we must all assume will be upset by this last-minute change of plans.

Beer will be even harder to come by in Qatar.
Beer will be even harder to come by in Qatar. Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

There is an Englishman at the World Cup who is not part of the Three Lions squad. Canada’s head coach is John Herdman, who has managed both the men’s and women’s teams in the country.

A nice person wrote about Everything You Need to Know about Qatar. fair play to them.

Sadio Mane has undergone surgery for an injury sustained at Bayern Munich. This is very bad news for Senegal and the tournament as a whole, according to former Liverpool team-mate Virgil van Dijk.

“I’m very sorry that Sadio misses the game against us because this World Cup deserves the best players and Sadio is one of them,” said Van Dijk. “Sadio is world class, he is my friend and I will miss him.”

Van Dijk agrees with his head coach Louis van Gaal that the Netherlands should fight for the trophy in Qatar.

“For me, Argentina, Brazil and France are my favorite countries,” he told reporters.
“The Brazilians are always there. The Argentines are strong and the French have plenty of choices. We have a good group, we have a very experienced coach, but above all we have team spirit.”

Virgil van Dijk (left) and Sadio Mane (right) played together at Liverpool.
Virgil van Dijk (left) and Sadio Mane (right) played together at Liverpool. Photo: Craig Brough/Reuters

A little more about the upcoming beer ban in stadiums. It looks like there will be an announcement on this topic today. What a farce. Fifa and Budweiser will have some heated talks, one can imagine.

Two handsome young men have written about the eight potential breakout stars of this tournament. Of course they’re all going to flop now, but you can read this and then rub it into John and I’s fantasies in a couple of weeks.

Vinicius Jr hopes to use football for the greater good. The Real Madrid forward was impressed by his teammates’ approach to philanthropy and hopes he can use his influence in a similar way.

“I think I need to do more. I see athletes like Lewis Hamilton and LeBron James doing good, and I want to do the same, helping people in a variety of ways,” Vinicius said.
“Education is important because not everyone can become a player. Many try, but not all succeed. So I’m trying my best to help the people of Brazil to keep improving and developing as a person. If they focus with the right guidance, we can get more people to go to college, more doctors, more professors… better professors.”

Should we start the day with a Karen Carney backing Brazil to do the deal? I think we should.


Here we are just two days away from the start of the least anticipated World Cup in history. But fear not, we have some football to look forward to…hopefully.

We’ve already established that a free press is frowned upon and hospitality in Qatar is expensive and underwhelming. Not only is the price of beer staggering, Qataris are now looking to stop it being sold in stadiums and move outlets to less prominent areas.

On the other hand, many countries have arrived in the Middle East for their final preparations. Wales have already had to postpone their training sessions until later in the day due to the heat, which does not bode well.

The game between Qatar and Ecuador starts on Sunday and for my part I can wait. Before that, there should be some upsets, injury news and the prospect of us all finding out it’s too hot to play in Qatar.

We bring you the latest from our correspondents in Qatar and more.

There shouldn’t be a shortage of things today, that’s for sure.


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