World Cup 2022 Odds: Five fun ways to bet on the USMNT in Qatar

Excitement mounts as the 2022 World Championship gets closer to kicking off on FOX. That United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) are the youngest team at the tournament and they are sure to bring great youthful energy to the Qatar pitch starting with their opener against Wales on 21 November.

The USMNT has received a flood of bets to win the World Championship at FOX Bet. More people are counting on the United States to win than favorites and powerhouses like Brazil and Germany. Bettors know that nothing is impossible in a tournament like this.

Even if you don’t think the United States can win everything, there are other fun ways to show your support and bag some cash in the process while betting on Gregg Berhalter’s squad in Qatar.

Let’s get to my five fun ways to bet on the United States at the 2022 World Cup (odds courtesy of FOX Bet).

How important is Christian Pulisic for Team USA at FIFA World Cup 2022?

How important is Christian Pulisic for Team USA at FIFA World Cup 2022?

Stu discusses Christian Pulisic and the role he will play for Team USA in the tournament.

SELECT: Haji Wright is the last goalscorer in USA vs Wales (+670 on FOX Bet)

Let’s get the risk out of the way right away: First, we have no idea how much Wright will play at the Worlds. We also don’t know if he will feature against Wales.

But obviously at last camp, coach Berhalter saw something in Wright to bring him onto the team, although football pundits projecting the USMNT roster didn’t let him make the final cut. Wright, who is a hefty 6-foot-3, has done well in the Turkish league (scoring nine goals in 12 games) but never played for the USMNT in World Cup qualifiers. His only goal for the United States came in a friendly against Morocco in June.

Still, I envision Wright coming in as a backup. Once he gets in, he has the potential to score, so this bet is worth trying.

SELECT: United States Reach Quarterfinals (+450 on FOX Bet)

It might sound like a huge reach for the USMNT to achieve here, but the market suggests they’ll be out of group play. If the United States finish second in the group, they would likely go up against the Netherlands in the round of 16, where they would be a sizeable underdog. The other two potential matches could either be against Ecuador or Senegal. The latter would have been a big problem, except that their best player, Sadio Mané, has suffered an injury and won’t be playing.

In the surprise scenario where USMNT wins their group – maybe the pressure comes to England? – it would be preferred against Ecuador or Senegal. The United States reached the quarterfinals in 2002 before losing to Germany. They also reached the knockout stages in 2010 (loss to Ghana) and 2014 (loss to Belgium), with the last two defeats coming in extra time.

I’m optimistic about this young team, so it’s fun to make this bet and have even more fun.

SELECT: Weston McKennie becomes the United States’ top scorer (+1600 on FOX Bet)

McKennie has not scored for the USA since winning against Honduras in February. But he’s third in international goals with this young USMNT (nine behind Christian Pulisic and Jordan Morris) so the potential is there.

No one is in control of Berhalter’s forward rotation, but we do know that McKennie is a fixture in the starting XI as a midfielder. We also know that US opponents will do their best to trick Pulisic. That’s where McKennie comes in, who has been in excellent form for his club Juventus and could become a big star for the USA at this tournament.

SELECT: Over 3.5 goals for USA at World Cup 2022 (-120 on FOX Bet)

If you are optimistic that the USMNT will reach the knockout rounds, this is the bet you should bet on. In the years that the team reached the knockout stages of the World Cup this century, they have scored seven goals (2002), five goals (2010) and five goals (2014). The bet is priced as if they would not reach the knockout stage, however, the United States is preferred to drop out of the group. Wales and Iran aren’t impressive defences, and even if the United States don’t score against England, it’s not too much of a task to score four goals in their other three games.

This bet is also a crossfade from what we last saw – the US offense stuttering and missing in their recent World Cup tweaks against Japan and Saudi Arabia.

SELECT: The United States is the lowestScoring team at the World Cup (+2500 at FOX Bet)

A decent hedge against some of these props is to set the USMNT as the lowestGoalscorer team at the World Cup. After all, we are talking about the youngest team in the field. If the United States lose their opening game against Wales, their entire tournament will depend on a game against England, one of the best teams in the field. In the sad scenario of a 0-2 start, Berhalter can muster reserves for the game against Iran so the young lads gain experience on football’s greatest stage.

In 2006, the United States were beaten 3-0 by the Czech Republic in their opening game, scoring just two goals in total. That was almost the worst of the World Cup, with Trinidad and Tobago (0), Togo (1) and Angola (1) faring worse. This year’s field of participants is significantly stronger at the bottom than in 2006.

Hey, we’re all on this year’s team, but this is just a smart way to cover your bases. Let’s go USMNT!


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