Will there be an Elite Season 7 and when might it be released?

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This article discusses the possibility of Elite Season 7 and whether Elite has been extended or cancelled. It contains spoilers.

elite is the gift that keeps giving Netflix, one of the streamer’s most viewed originals globally in recent years, with seemingly no sign of slowing down. Set at Las Encinas High School in Madrid, Spain, the soapy teen drama is packed with twists, sex, drugs, scandal, murder and more, allowing the show to retain its popularity even as it seems to be declining in quality. With elite season 6 noticed November 18, 2022, binge-watch audiences are already looking to the future. Here’s everything we know.

Will there be an Elite Season 7?

Status: Renewed

Yes, Netflix has already confirmed that there will be a seventh season of elite start production sooner rather than later.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In recent seasons, the show has been laid out to essentially go on forever. Thanks to the mix of longer-running storylines with a typically season-long mystery and high turnover of characters, the show constantly reinvents itself while staying mostly the same.

It’s also a major international hit for Netflix and is among the most-watched originals in many different countries. This teen drama demo is huge and engaging and elite has long firmly established itself as one of the real shows in this field. It has a legion of devoted fans who have already proven they stick with it even when it’s not in full swing.

That elite Season 6 ends uncovered a few key mysteries but also left things wide open for a sequel.

What could the next season be about?

Season 7 will likely move away from Ari, Mencia and Patrick since they left Madrid and instead focus on both the aftermath of Ivan’s hit-and-run and the drive-by shooting that ended the season. Who the shooter was could form the obligatory mystery of the season. We got to see Ivan trying to navigate life without Patrick while Isadora and Didac explore their new relationship – assuming they both survive the shooting. There’s also more to explore with Bilal and Rocio, Sara and Raul, and Nico’s ongoing transformation.

Elite season 7 release date

While there’s no official release date for season seven, historically Netflix has stuck to it elite in a very regular rhythm. It is very likely that Elite Season 7 will debut within the next twelve months.


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