Who is B.Simone? Why is she on Twitter’s trending page?

B Simone is one of those uniquely mesmerizing singers and rappers who have garnered hordes of fans around the world. We can’t just call her a singer or a rapper as she has spread her wings in all other fields and has proven her caliber as a captivating songwriter, producer and so on. As one of the amazing social media influencers, she recently found herself in the trending side of Twitter. So let’s check it out without delay.

Who is B.Simone?

B Simone is one of the sophisticated and uplifting American singers and rappers who have managed to bring their talents to the contemporary world. According to sources, she was born on April 5, 1995 in Dallas, Texas. B Simone’s father was a pastor and her mother a housewife. She grew up with her sweet older sister Jordyn and they had a lovely childhood together.

B. Simone

B. Simone is thirty-two and decided in 2012 to make her contribution to the industry. She went to an audition for BET’s The Search Contest and she was selected at the audition and released her debut EP Lost Soul. In 2014 she released her debut EP. In the same year, B. Simone managed to land the role of Aaliyah. This gave her the opportunity to play the late singer in a film that explores her life.

In 2017, B Simone appeared in the MTV series Wild N out, which paved the way for widespread recognition and publicity for her career. In 2019, B Simone was cast on VH1’s Girls Cruise with fellow singers including Lil Kim and Mya. Also, B Simone doesn’t want to limit her career to just singing and rapping, so she spreads her wings in the offices. She is Chief Executive Officer of B Simone Beauty, a company made up of vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands.

So she did more than just sing, she tried her luck in songwriting. Some of the most famous songs she has written include Wet Jewels, Million Dollar Freestyle, The Box Freestyle, Blueberry Rain and Mixed Feelings. Additionally, she has developed her talents in the comedy industry, directing numerous shows to date. B Simone was a prominent figure on the Lit AF Tour and the Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour. She also had the opportunity to appear as a guest on numerous shows starring Mike Epps, one of the promising comedians.

It would be a bitter pill to swallow as a person could engage in all sorts of activities. B Simone was definitely a versatile personality and she has also expanded her career as a producer, appearing in certain films such as Scheme Queens and the TV series You are my Boyfriend. Due to her effervescent personality, she has garnered an enormous number of followers on social media, roughly six million followers on Instagram, one million followers on Facebook, and 867,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Why is B Simone on Twitter’s trending page?

She pretty much morphed into a trend when she recently revealed that she’s not a person who takes a shower every day. She said she takes breaks between days and showers every day. B Simone said that if she showers on Monday, her next shower would probably be on Wednesday or Thursday.

B. Simone made her last appearance on the Know For Sure pod hosted by Megan Brooks. So she recently made a scene of casually opening up about her oddly bizarre shower routine. Within seconds, the video went viral and her name was on Twitter’s trending page, with people flocking to the site creating funny memes. The revelation regarding her bathing habits really made her trending on social media, and memes and hilarious comments really were a laughing stock.

Twitter took the topic of showers to another level and dozens of memes flooded the trends page. After what she casually said went viral beyond her comprehension, she went out to clarify that what she said had been recorded in a distorted way, and she clarified that she doesn’t mean she’s four Hasn’t showered for days, and went on to explain that if she showers on Monday and will probably have the next shower on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

That’s what B. Simone meant with her shower confession. But social media users took Simone’s shower habits with them with a suitcase full of hilarious memes. But after the memes started trending on Twitter and other social media, Simone took the situation to another level, where she surprised netizens who made fun of her by going live on Instagram while she was showering in her bathroom.

B. Simone

In the video, she read netizens’ comments and said that the point was to wash her hair, not her body, and she had already washed her body. But people on social media are eagerly awaiting a piece of bone to troll the celebrities and flood the social media platforms into a trolling event. So, without any qualms, she just went live on Instagram, where she has six million followers, and showed that she showered her hair. Netizens never expected her response to be so captivating, and Instagram live exceeded their expectations.

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