‘White Lotus’ Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Trailer and Storyline for the HBO Show

The countdown to the white lotus Season 2 finale is coming. And with the great mystery whose Sicilian vacation comes to an abrupt end still looming, there’s still plenty of drama to unfold. Things got hot and intense in the resort’s latest installment, which leaves plenty of room for the truth to come out – willingly or not The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4. Also, new guests have arrived!

Here’s everything you need to know The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 4, including release date and time, plot preview, a recap of the last week and some exciting updates on the future of the series.

When is The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 release date?

The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 4 arrives on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday November 20, 2022.

what is The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 release time?

Will Ethan clarify to Harper what happened to Cameron while she was away?HBO

The White Lotus lands every Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO and HBO Max.

How many episodes are left? The White Lotus Season 2?

Season 2 of The White Lotus is a total of seven episodes, which means we’re past half-way point this week. After episode 4, there are three episodes left.

What is the plot of The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4?

The White Lotus In Season 2 Episode 4, “In The Sandbox,” Ethan and Cameron will deal with the aftermath of their drug-fuelled, wild night with Lucia and Mia. harpers definitely wants to know what happened, given her last conversation with Daphne. How exactly will she find out?

Also, Tanya and Portia spend a day with new hotel guests, Quentin and Jack. And will Albie be able to get Portia’s attention? Her head seems to have been turned at the prospect of someone a little more exciting.

who is in The White Lotus The cast of season 2?

New guest Quentin meets Tanya in episode 4.HBO

Until now, The White Lotus Season 2 has an outstanding cast consisting of Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya), Jon Gries (Greg), Aubrey Plaza (Harper Spiller), Will Sharpe (Ethan Spiller), Meghann Fahey (Daphne Babcock), Theo James (Cameron Babcock), F Murray Abraham (Bert Di Grasso), Michael Imperioli (Dominic Di Grasso), Adam DiMarco (Albie Di Grasso), Haley Lu Richardson (Portia), Sabrina Impacciatore (Valentina), Simona Tabasco (Lucia) and Beatrice Grannò (Mia).

As of last week, Tom Hollander has appeared as a new guest named Quentin, in addition to Leo Woodall as a new (for now) unnamed shirtless guest.

Is there a The White Lotus Season 2 episode 4 trailer?

Yes, HBO has released a short preview for Episode 4, in which Cameron sends the Italian girls away without paying them in full, raising the question if he really has as much money as he says he has? Given the events of last episode, Harper’s suspicions that Cam is trying to turn Ethan’s newfound money to his advantage may actually be real. Not to mention, Harper is increasingly concerned about what exactly happened to her husband while she was away.

The teaser also shows Tanya befriending new character Quentin, as well as Bert hounding Dom about the presence of the Italian girls, whom the grandfather accidentally walks into while changing in his hotel suite. Mia also has a newfound determination to support her singing ambitions by sleeping with the hotel pianist, much to Lucia’s surprise.

what happened in The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 3?

Lucia and Mia spend the night partying with Cameron and Ethan in Episode 3. HBO

Season 2 Episode 3 of The White LotusIn “Bull Elephants” Greg says goodbye to Tanya before heading to Denver. She is very upset, but he uncomfortably reassures her that he will be back in two days. After breakfast, Tanya asks hotel manager Valentina to find a local psychic for emergency counseling.

Bert confronts his son again about the two young Italians he saw coming out of Dom’s room that morning. Dom initially denies it, but then asks Bert not to tell his son. Albie is busy chatting up Portia over breakfast about wanting to hang out in her room last night instead of saying goodbye. She says she wishes he had, and it’s clear that Albie’s extreme kindness is starting to become a “jerk” for Portia – though she tells him she wouldn’t mind if he was a little more aggressive. Bert and Dom join them, after which Bert invites Portia to join them for one godfather location Trip. She initially insists, but Albie insists and tries to be more “aggressive” with her.

Meanwhile, Harper is determined to energize the group dynamic, even if it means putting on a fake smiley face. With her newly enforced sunny demeanor, she quickly embarks on a day trip to a nearby town called Noto that Daphne wants to visit, leaving Cam and Ethan alone for a day of jet skiing. When the women arrive in Noto, Daphne reveals that she has rented a palazzo where they can spend the night. She purposely didn’t tell Cameron to make him feel jealous and left out.

Back with the boys, Cameron tells Ethan he wishes Ethan had informed him about the sale of his company so he could get in on the deal. Ethan is a little confused by Cam’s suggestion of clearly illegal business, but Cam assures him that this is pretty normal in the financial business. He then sells Ethan the idea of ​​doing business with him, telling Ethan that he will make him more money by investing. Ethan says sure.

On their godfather Tour, Albie calls his grandfather and father about their outdated views of men and women while he discusses the film. Portia receives a call from her boss telling her to return to the hotel so she leaves the Di Grasso men. She then accompanies Tanya to her suite, where the tarot card reader is set up. Tanya tells Portia to wait in the bathroom while she has her session with the medium and asks about the status of her relationship with Greg. The fortune teller reveals that Greg has another beauty in his life and things are not looking good for him and Tanya. Tanya gets upset about the “negativity” of the tarot card reader and sends her out. At dinner that night, Tanya catches the eye of a group of new hotel guests – one of whom is played by Tom Hollander!

Intoxicated on edibles in Noto, Daphne reveals that Cameron is a serial scammer and that she sees many men do the same once they make money. She tells Harper that she deals with his infidelity by doing what she wants (like the Noto trip) and not making herself a victim. Harper gets a little paranoid when she thinks about her own husband being alone at the resort with Cameron.

After dinner, Albie joins Portia at the pool. As he engages in the kiss, she is distracted by the fit, shirtless young man swimming. She tells Albie she’s a little exhausted from the day and they agree to meet up tomorrow.

It turns out Harper had good reason to be concerned as Cam pressures Ethan into sending a night of partying with Lucia and Mia (after Dom tells them he can’t spend any more time with them). With the help of MDMA and alcohol, things get increasingly chaotic and Ethan looks worried and torn in his far from sober haze. Back in the suites, Mia kisses Ethan, but he politely tells her no. He then sits alone in the bathroom smoking a joint while Cam meets up with Lucia and Harper tries to call him.

will there be one white lotus Season 3?

Yes! It’s official as of this week. HBO renewed The White Lotus for a third season, which means fans of the dramedy anthology series can rest easy knowing that more brilliant lyrics from Mike White are on the way. Where Season 3 will place the next White Lotus destination is still a long way off, but before we head off to a new luxury resort, there’s plenty to condense into this season, including the big deadly reveal that awaits.

Tune in to HBO and HBO Max this Sunday to see how the tragic story unfolds for vacationers.


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