Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 3 release date, time and where to watch

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We discuss Hulu series Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 3 predictions, giving the release date and where to watch it online.

We had the two-episode premiere of Welcome to Chippendales on Hi, and it was quite the kick-off for what lies ahead with the series. Below we share everything that happened in Episode 1 and 2 and prepare you for what lies ahead in Episode 3.

  • We meet Somen, a gas station manager who doesn’t love his job. As he is rearranging the store, two kids come in and steal some beer from him. When he tries to confront her, one of the kids squirts the beer all over him and they make fun of his accent.
  • We meet Somen’s boss, who invites him over to his home for dinner. Shortly after arriving, Somen is offered the job of general manager of all seven gas stations for the work he has been doing with the business. However, he tells his boss that he doesn’t want the job because he saved his money to open a backgammon shop.
  • The opening of the restaurant is NOT going as planned.
  • One night a couple shows up and as they are about to leave, Somen stops them. It was Paul and Dorthy, the latter is said to be posing for Playboy and Paul says he is a club promoter. Somen makes a deal that gives Paul 25% of the company in return, he helps with the company.
  • After six weeks, not everything is going as planned. Later that night, Somen realizes that Paul’s watch is fake and that he lied about everything. He lowered his stake from 25% to 5%.
  • From mud wrestling to oyster eating contests to disco dancing, the club is non-DOA. However, one night as they are leaving, Somen sparks the idea of ​​opening a strip club for women. Paul hates the idea, but Dorthy is on board.
  • Chippendales was born.
  • We are introduced to Nick, who tells Somen that his men need training to dance. Somen makes a deal with him and things start to fall apart.
  • Paul and Dorthy are out for lunch when a director approaches them about working with him. Paul freaks out again and causes a riot at the restaurant.
  • He goes to Chippendales, where he snaps at Nick, who then fires him. Paul freaks out because he tries to get Somen to side with him, but he doesn’t.
  • The first night with Nick at the helm is fantastic. Halfway through the show, Paul forces Dorthy to go with him.
  • When Somen gets home, he leaves a voicemail for Paul, who we see killed Dorthy and himself.
  • Episode two began with the news of Paul and Dorthy’s murder/suicide
  • With Paul out of the picture, Somen goes to Nick for help with the dance numbers they agree on.
  • Nick hires the dancers himself after the audition. A dancer named Otis catches the eye of Nick.
  • We meet Irene, an accountant who has impressed Somen with some financial stuff related to drinks and hires her on the spot.
  • Somen and Irene came up with the idea of ​​keeping the bar open but letting men in after the dancers had finished to increase sales.
  • Irene and Somen kiss.
  • Nick doesn’t like Otis helping out behind the scenes with Somen and Irene.
  • We meet Denise, who convinces Nick that she needs him. He hesitated, however, but she proved worthy with her rip-off pants.
  • Nick takes Denise to Somen to hire her but turns her down. Nick threatens that if he doesn’t hire her, he will leave. Irene, being the level headed one, mentions that hiring her could save them a lot of money and he agrees.

Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

Episode 3 is scheduled to release on Hulu on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 12:00 am. Episode 3 is titled “Velveeta” and will run for 40 minutes.

where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Welcome to Chippendales Season 1, Episode 3, with a Hulu subscription on the above date.


  • Tension between Nick and Somen continues to grow.
  • Irene and Denise grow closer together as they build up the business.
  • Otis wants more, but Nick tries to hold him back.

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