Wednesday Season 2: Release date, spoilers and everything you need to know

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday Season 1.]

Netflix Wednesday ended with a capital W for Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams. The psychic teenager not only saved Nevermore Academy and its outcasts from the risen Joseph Crackstone, but also revealed the true identity of Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) – who is behind much of this season’s horrors. And while most of the mysteries from the series’ eight episodes have been solved, some big questions remain. Because who is the stalker that continues to follow every move on Wednesday?

A second season of Wednesday by showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and director Tim Burton was not announced. But we hope for the show’s renewal and eagerly await new developments in the relationships Wednesday has built this season. Of course, there’s that thing about Tyler Galpin, the seemingly harmless “Normie” who became romantically interested in Wednesday but turned out to be the monstrous Hyde she was after. Tyler fought an emaciated Enid (Emma Myers) in his Hyde form. Wednesdaylast episode and was defeated. We don’t know what’s next for the character, but his final scene of waking up in a car, albeit in chains, definitely left the door open for a return.

There’s also Principal Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie), who met a more unfortunate end. We don’t see Weems regaining consciousness after being poisoned by Ms Thornhill and things were looking bleak for the head of Nevermore Academy. “I feel like Larissa Weems would never be dominated by something as mundane as death,” Christie told TV Guide. And although showrunner Miles Millar told us Weems is “definitely dead,” he also said, “It’s a supernatural show, there’s always ways people can come back.” Ideally, a second season of Wednesday would tell us if Weems is gone forever or if she will somehow transform back from the grave.

Here’s everything we know so far Wednesday Season 2.

Jenna Ortega, Wednesday

jenna ortega, Wednesday


Season 2 release date on Wednesday

Wednesday hasn’t been renewed yet, but we’re closely monitoring updates from Netflix on a Season 2 and its production schedule.


TV Guide spoke Wednesday Showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar on the end of season one and what it means for a possible season two. Here are the highlights of the interview, and you can read the full story here.

It’s unlikely – but not impossible – that Principal Larissa Weems will return. “We like the idea that people are dying in this world, that there is real casualty and loss – and this Wednesday needs to respond to that,” Millar said of Weems’ apparent death. “For us, the fact that we could kill a character like that, it was important that we did.” The showrunners wanted to figure out how her death would affect Wednesday. “Even so, we’re always open to — it’s a supernatural show, there’s always ways people can come back,” Millar said. “Never say never, but at this point she’s definitely dead.” Christie shared that she’s “devastated destroyed” was when she read the scene in the script where she was poisoned with a needle by Ms. Thornhill when I knew a lifelong wish of Christina Ricci to stab me in the neck was about to come true,” she said .

Gwendoline Christie, Wednesday

Gwendoline Christie, Wednesday


The showrunners hope to reveal more about the stalker in a second season. “We know who it is, we can’t tease who it is,” Millar said. “We’re never expecting to get a second season, but we certainly have big plans and a lot more stories to tell about Wednesday and her friends.” Gough said he couldn’t tell if viewers would identify the person the stalker is, have already met.

More romance could be in store — even if it’s one-sided. Gough said whether Tyler had genuine feelings for Wednesday or if he was just carrying out Laurel’s plans could be explored further in a second season. “I think there are some parts of him that he doesn’t know. And there’s definitely an original attraction and it’s just, were those real feelings? We’re not convinced even Tyler knows that at this point,” he said. Millar added that romance isn’t something Wednesday is looking for. “Maybe that’s why people are attracted to her — because she’s not interested,” he said. “She’s kind of amused the way a scientist is amused or fascinated by the attraction of people. She doesn’t quite get it – ‘why are people so interested in me?’” Even if that’s the case, we are looking forward to more scenes between her and Percy Hynes White’s Xavier Thorpe.

where to see Wednesday

Wednesday’s first season is available to stream on Netflix.


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