Tropico 6 – New Frontiers DLC is getting a release date


Kalypso Media flies to the moon! Maybe. Depends on how much your comrades deposit Tropico 6 – New frontiers DLC. This brand new content pack will have you working to build a space program in the alien land you are currently running while trying to beat rival countries in space. We’ve got the full rundown and announcement trailer for it below, as the content will be available on December 1st, 2022.

Promotional art for Tropico 6 - New Frontiers, courtesy of Kalypso Media.
Promo art for Tropico 6 – New frontierscourtesy of Kalypso Media.

“El Presidente knows that you can’t improve on perfection, but you can always expand on it! That’s why he made it his goal to take Tropico to the moon and win the space race New frontiers DLC, players can use the new Space Port Complex to build rockets and delve into research to keep international competition at bay. With the new Mission Mars campaign, take on five challenging missions as you work to lead Tropico to a glorious future and take the famous first step on the moon. You can even found humanity’s first colony on Mars – also a convenient place to dispatch your political opponents. Meet unique characters, use new buildings, and customize a fresh, out-of-this-world look for El Prez and his palace. But be warned, no one knows what unforeseen circumstances await you in the far reaches of space. You have to be creative if you don’t want to abort your mission.”

  • To reach for the stars: Along with the brand new Space Port Complex, the new mechanics open up exciting possibilities for you to play sandbox scenarios and greatly expand the endgame experience. Expanding your Mars colony by sending more and more Tropicans into space not only gets rid of unwelcome citizens, but also ensures valuable bonuses for your island nation.
  • Mission Mars: The new campaign with five missions lets Tropico take on the international competition in the research race. Meet new and familiar characters from the Tropico series, including The Professor, Hector Sanchez, Patch and Veronica Veneno, and lead your nation to a bright future!
  • 9 new buildings shoot up into the sky! Complete your assembly lines in the new Spaceport Complex and meet the increased energy demands with the fusion reactor and the reclaimer. With the new vertical stacking mechanic, you can expand the Capsule Cluster, Agriculture Tower and Synthetic Food Lab to meet the needs of your subjects. You can also show the world just how modern and fun Tropico is with the Hologram Entertainment Center.
  • New customization options for your Palace and El Presidente! With the additional decorations and a brand new accessory you are perfectly prepared for the challenges of the space race!
  • 2 new Tropico 6 Edicts: Monetize your space missions with the “Space Soap Opera” or use “Hear the Call” to get your citizens to the spaceship.

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