Trending Black Friday Deals 2022: Dehumidifiers, Air Fryers

Our experts have been reporting on Black Friday for many years and know a lot about a dud. Typically, consumers are looking for discounted tech or the best deals to save on their Christmas shopping. In 2022, which reflects the ongoing cost of living crisis, we’ve noticed a slew of trending products that we wouldn’t normally expect to be at the top of shoppers’ Black Friday wish lists.

According to Google Trends, demand for dehumidifiers has hit a five-year high, while at the time of writing, six different air fryers have made the top 20 positions on Amazon’s list of most wanted products in the Home & Kitchen category.

According to research from, the average Black Friday spend per person in the UK will fall by 31% or £85 to £185.99 this year compared to 2021, indicating that the most popular Black Friday products 2022 will be small kitchen appliances. According to reports, 22% of shoppers intend to buy an item in this category.

We’ve already rounded up live the Black Friday discounts on some of the hottest products of 2022, from dehumidifiers to air fryers.

Dehumidifier Black Friday deals

Silentnight 2 in 1 air purifier and dehumidifier | £108.99 £70.70 at Wayfair (save £38.29 or 35%)

Silentnight dehumidifier


What is the problem: A savings of 35% on this ingenious 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier combination.

Why we chose it: Praised for being quiet, this Silentnight model also includes a HEPA filter that can help trap pollutants like dust mites and tobacco smoke. It has a lower extraction capacity (1L) than the Blyss model below. So if you don’t mind the air-cleaning ability and want to empty the tank less often, opt for a larger model.

Silentnight 2 in 1 air purifier and dehumidifier | £108.99 £70.70 at Wayfair (save £38.29 or 35%)

Blyss 16L Dehumidifier | £170 £100 at B&Q (save £70 or 41%)

What is the problem: Save a whopping £70 on this trendy Blyss 16L dehumidifier at B&Q.

Why we chose it: This model was trending in the Black Friday sale. It has recently received positive reviews from those struggling to control excess moisture in their home. The added wheels will help you move this unit from room to room with ease, while the 2.4 liter tank capacity is larger than many we’ve seen on offer to date.

Blyss 16L Dehumidifier | £170 £100 at B&Q (save £70 or 41%)

PureMate compact dehumidifier | £68.99 £54.99 at Wayfair (save £14 or 20%)

Compact dehumidifier PureMate


What is the problem: Save 20% on this compact model.

Why we chose it: For small spaces like closets, this mini dehumidifier is a good choice. It is easy to move and can hold up to 500ml of water.

PureMate compact dehumidifier | £68.99 £54.99 at Wayfair (save £14 or 20%)

Airfryer deals on Black Friday

Our friends at BBC Good Food have spent hours testing to bring you a guide to the best air fryers. Stock levels fluctuate due to the high demand for these kitchen gadgets, but some tried-and-tested models are already on sale for Black Friday.

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2 in 1 YV970840 | £284.99 £199.99 at JD Williams (save £85 or 30%)

Tefal air fryer

JD Williams

What is the problem: A savings of 30% on this highly rated air fryer from the respected Tefal brand.

Why we chose it: BBC Good Food called it the “best air fryer for versatility” and highlighted the large window at the top of the round lid, which allows you to look inside without interrupting the cooking process. Air fryers are in high demand, especially Ninja ones, but this is a good choice if you don’t want to wait.

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2 in 1 YV970840 | £284.99 £199.99 at JD Williams (save £85 or 30%)

For more deals as they come out, keep an eye on BBC Good Food’s Black Friday Air Fryer Deals page, the Ninja website and Amazon.

Black Friday deals to keep it cozy

Electric blankets are in high demand as energy prices rise and temperatures drop. Earlier this year, Martin Lewis suggested buying an electric blanket which can cost around 3p an hour to turn, which costs just £1.37 a week when used seven hours a day. There aren’t many deals out there yet, but if you spot one, especially on Amazon, be sure to check out the price tracker CamelCamelCamel. This tool tracks prices on Amazon over time so you can make sure you’re getting a good deal. Some offers may not be as strong as they seem at first glance, especially when a product is in high demand. Alternative products seeing increased demand in the run-up to Black Friday include microwaveable slippers (yes, really!) and wearable blankets, like those from leading brand Oodie.

For the usual Black Friday favourites, including Black Friday TV deals and Black Friday LEGO deals, head over to our Black Friday 2022 live blog.


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