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When it comes to role-playing games set in the world of video games, where players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an incredible world and even make decisions to decide the fate of everything, a developer usually comes to mind in BioWare. The influential studio pioneered the genre with projects such as One of the Best war of stars games ever made, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) and more intergalactic adventures with the mass effect Series. With BioWare already conquering the stars, it was only a matter of time before BioWare entered the world of high fantasy, and they did so with flying colors with the award-winning dragon time Series.

The current trilogy of games transports players to the mythical land of Thedas – a beautiful but dangerous world full of dwarves, elves and other magical creatures – and has enchanted audiences for over a decade. Dragon Age: Origins (2009), Dragon Age II (2011) and Dragon Age: Inquisition All have made their mark as immersive fantasy stories with engaging tactical gameplay, and fans have waited almost another decade for the fourth installment in the series. Dragon Age: Dread Wolf. Despite tease after tease, update after update, we still haven’t seen even a second of gameplay from the new title, but hopefully a new story in the world of dragon time Release by the end of the year will scratch the itch.


Dragon Age: Absolution is an animated series that follows a new group of heroes fighting a dark force that threatens the realm of Thedas as we know it, even taking fans of the deep and complicated world to a part of the world dragon time Universe never seen before. For all the details on the latest video game adaptation series, here’s everything we know about so far Dragon Age: Absolution.

Dragon Age Absolution
Image via Netflix

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When will Dragon Age: Absolution be released?

You are invited to take an animated journey to Thedas as early as Friday, December 9th, 2022 Dragon Age: Absolution premieres.

Where will Dragon Age: Absolution be released?

Dragon Age: Absolution will make its exclusive streaming home on Netflix, marking another video game adaptation to hit streamers. Netflix has had some great success bringing games to the animated medium Castlevania and Cyberpunk: Edgerunner. The streaming giant also doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of halting this game customization trend, having recently announced plans to adapt franchises as announced Assassin’s Creed, war implements, bioshockand many more.

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The official trailer too Dragon Age: Absolution introduces our protagonist Miriam (Kimberley Brooks), an Elvish villain who has spent most of her life as a slave. You and other adventurers are recruited by Roland (Phil LaMarr) to secure a powerful artifact known as the Circulum Infinitus, a serpentine ring that has ties to dark magic and could very easily bestow unimaginable power on its user. Fans of the games will likely recognize more than a few tidbits of lore in the trailer alone, such as an appearance by Cassandra Penteghast and Leliana, two prominent supporting characters from the games. Ahead of the official trailer, we also got an exciting teaser, which you can see below:

How many episodes will Dragon Age: Absolution have?

Dragon Age: Absolution will be a total of six episodes, all of which will be available immediately after the December 9th premiere.

Who Makes Dragon Age: Absolution?

Reddog Culture House, who have previously worked with Netflix on several titles including the Voltron: Legendary defender motion comic and The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmarebrings the world of dragon time to busy life. Mairghread Scott (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War), will write, produce and direct at least one episode of the new series. Penka Kuneva (Pandora) will also compose the music for the series.

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What is the plot of Dragon Age: Absolution?

Dragon Age Absolution Netflix
Image via Netflix

Plot details, including the exact location where the series is set dragon time Timeline, were pretty sparse, but the official synopsis of the trailer above is as follows:

With great power at stake, a group of mages, fighters and thieves face off against a dark force possessing a dangerous artifact. This animated fantasy series was created by Mairghread Scott, author of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Set in the world of BioWare’s award-winning video game franchise, it was developed in close collaboration with BioWare’s creative team – including lead writers and lead creative directors. Fear. Fault. Pains. Can Miriam put her feelings aside to complete her mission – or will the trauma hanging over her past finally catch up with her? Nothing is absolute.

The description also promises to stay true to the dark and mature tone of the dragon time World covering adult topics with a TV MA rating. The series will also take place in the ancient human civilization of the Tevinter Empire, which has only been heavily referenced in the games and has never before been seen on the big screen.

Who is in the cast of Dragon Age: Absolution?

Dragon Age: Absolution has amassed a cast consisting of very prominent talent from the voice acting world, many of whom have extensive acting experience in the video game industry. These include Kimberly Brooks (Batman: Arkham Asylum) as Miriam, Phil LaMarr (Mortal Kombat X) as Roland, Matthew Mercer (over watch) as Fairbanks, Ashley Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn) as Qwydion, Josh Keaton (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) as rezars, Kevin John (The Outer Worlds) as Lacklon, Sumalee Montano (Spirit of Tsushima) as Hira and Zehra Fasal (Halo: Infinite) as Tassia. No word yet on whether or not Miranda Reason (Dragon Age II) or Corinne Kemp (Dragon Age: Origins) will reprise their roles as Cassandra and Leliana, respectively, or when we see other characters from the games make cameo appearances.

Is Dragon Age: Absolution getting a Season 2?

No sequel has been ordered yet, which has also been the case with Netflix Castlevania Show, which eventually became a resounding success that lasted for several seasons. So whether we see Miriam and her group of companions return for another season will likely depend entirely on the show’s viewership.


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