The release date of BTS Jungkook’s FIFA song Dreamers and MV has been confirmed

The stage is set for BTS Jungkook to make history again by opening a new chapter in his solo music career! JK’s official FIFA World Cup song Dreamers has a confirmed release date and as a bonus, fans are also getting a music video!

Take a look at the release date and time of Jungkook’s official FIFA World Cup song Dreamers and how to watch the music video below.

BTS Jungkook/ Bangtan TV YouTube

Release date and time of BTS Jungkook’s FIFA World Cup song Dreamers

Jungkook’s FIFA song Dreamers will be released on November 20th at 2pm KST/ 12am ET/ 5am GMT/ 10:30am IST/ November 19th at 9pm PT.

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Does Jungkook’s Dreamers have an official music video?

BTS Jungkook’s Dreamers will also have an official MV featuring the Grammy-nominated superstar. The exclusive MV of Dreamers will be released on November 22nd on FIFA’s official YouTube channel.

When will Jungkook perform at the FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony?

Immediately after the release of Dreamers, fans can watch Jungkook perform live at the FIFA Opening Ceremony.

According to the official update from Bighit Music, the opening performance of the FIFA World Cup will be from November 20 at 17:40 Arabic Standard Time / November 20 at 23:40 KST to 18:10 (AST) / November 21 at 00 :10 p.m. KST aired.

Jungkook is the first Asian and K-Pop act with a solo FIFA World Cup song

According to Dreamers’ latest poster, Jungkook will become the first Asian act and K-pop artist to have a solo World Cup song.

A fan raves about this historic event Posted: “Jungkook is making his first solo performance at the world’s biggest event and is the first kpop soloist to do the same with a solo song and MV. This couldn’t get any bigger, DREAMERS is coming.”

Another fan echoed: “Jungkook started his solo career by performing a song for the Official World Cup Soundtrack and performed it live at the Opening Ceremony to an estimated 5 BILLION viewers from around the world. FIFA personally chose him for this. That’s huge! so proud.”

A third fan posted:

Needless to say, BTS Jungkook is ready for another historical chapter which will start with the release of the FIFA song on November 20th. Keep an eye on this space for the latest updates on Jungkook.

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