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A passenger named Auditya Venkatesh tried to book a plane ticket from Hyderabad to Bengaluru. When he selected and confirmed his desired flight with AirAsia in advance, he experienced a curious surprise. His arrival and departure were all jumbled up in a confirmation pop-up on his screen. The popup indicated that he booked the ticket from Bengaluru to Bengaluru. In addition, it showed that the ticket was booked from Kempegowda Bengaluru International Airport to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata. A confused Venkatesh then took to social media and shared his ordeal. He also highlighted the affected airlines. And as expected, netizens flocked to the comments section with hilarious replies.

The post was created by a Twitter user Auditya Venkatesh. “Hello @AirAsiaIndia, this is really confusing. So if I book this ticket, where am I really going? And where will I be departing from?” Read the caption shared along with the screenshot.

Check out his tweet below:

The airlines soon responded to the technical error and asked Auditya to refresh the page and make a new booking. The passenger replied, writing: “The fact that this is a mistake is obvious. It did the same thing again, it was edit an existing booking through the Chrome browser on an Android phone. It still shows the same. I went ahead anyway and booked it because it was a last minute change. Fingers crossed.”

Check out the following tweets:

The tweet has garnered over 11,000 likes and multiple retweets since it was shared a day ago. The stock has also received a barrage of hilarious comments from netizens.

“This is a real service request but feels like a meme,” one person posted. “The first Air Aisa flight I took was from Kolkata to Delhi. Apart from the two hour delay when we sat down, the crew announced: Welcome to this Air Aisa flight from Kolkata to Chennai! Needless to say we were all amazed! Maybe that was a technical error too,” shared another with a smiling emoticon. “You’re going to end up somewhere you don’t want to,” commented a third. “It can be a round trip. Enjoy for free. One side free with one,” joked a fourth. “Check in – Bangalore. On board – Hyderabad. Disembark – Bangalore. Pick up luggage – Kolkata. So easy bro,” wrote a fifth.


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