South Euclid-Lyndhurst Schools News: enVision Learn Math and Reading with Costco

LYNDHURST, Ohio — Here’s a look at recent news from the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Schools as reported by the school district.

enVision Math in SEL schools

A new K-12 math curriculum offers students at all SEL schools the opportunity to learn key math concepts in new and engaging ways. enVision Math is a core curriculum designed to help students develop an understanding of mathematical concepts through problem-based instruction, small group interaction, and visual learning with an emphasis on reasoning and modelling. As a result, students can gain a deeper and clearer understanding of mathematical concepts by solving problems that are deep and involve real-world situations.

During a recent lesson in teacher Jessica Dreyer’s fifth grade math class at Greenview Middle School, students participated in an interactive event Solve and share Lesson involving estimating the result of quotients or answers to division problems using two-digit divisors (the number being divided). Dreyer began the lesson by writing on the board an example of a quotient estimate with a two-digit divisor and asking the students to raise their hand and share their observations, including possible ways to solve the problem. Afterwards, the students were asked to solve another similar estimation quotient in their math workbook independently at their desks while Dreyer walked around observing the students’ work and discussing with them to evoke their understanding.

The reality-based problem required students to estimate the cost of a single bracelet by identifying compatible numbers for the amount of money earned and the total number of bracelets. Students then had the opportunity to share their journey to a solution with another student at their desk group.

Dreyer then used the class discussion to allow students to share their solving strategies with the whole class, including writing down how they identified compatible numbers to estimate the quotient response. Referring to the students’ work on the blackboard, Dreyer provided detailed feedback and reinforced connections to the lesson objective. After looking at several other examples, students could remain at their desks or move to different areas of the room for additional practice.

At Sunview Elementary School, students in teacher Annie Beck’s first grade classroom recently engaged in a Solve and share Learning activity using the enVision Math curriculum. Students were asked to write an addition equation to match the placement of two differently colored tiles (blocks) on a frame of 10 squares. Portable whiteboards allowed students to practice applying the math concept to different areas of the classroom.

The students of the SEL schools have responded positively to the interactive and problem-based teaching of the new enVision mathematics curriculum. Additionally, SEL teachers regularly collaborate to share best practices in teaching to enhance student learning. SEL Schools would like to thank all teachers and staff for their partnership in implementing the new enVision Math curriculum and their commitment to help our students succeed.

Jessica Dreyer, teacher at Greenview Middle School

Greenview Middle School teacher Jessica Dreyer works with fifth grade students on the new EnVision Math Core Curriculum.

Costco supports reading at Rowland

One of the core beliefs of SEL schools as stated in the district policies Target 2023 Strategic plan is that education is the responsibility of the whole community. As a result, the district partners with local businesses, community organizations, and volunteers to help its students learn, grow, and achieve achievement.

Through a partnership with Costco Wholesale in Mayfield Heights, third graders at Rowland Elementary receive additional reading practice. As part of a nationwide program sponsored by Costco, local Costco stores select a community home school where employee volunteers attend and work with volunteers one day a week for 12 weeks. Third grade Rowland teachers identified a group of 8-10 students who would benefit from additional reading support to participate in the program.

The first six-week session began on November 1 with Costco volunteers visiting a regular third grade classroom for 45 minutes. During each weekly visit, the volunteers work separately with two small groups of four to five students for about 20 minutes. Each trained volunteer engages in a variety of learning activities and games designed to improve auditory processing and basic reading skills. Beginning January 24th, the volunteer tutors will begin a second block of six-week tutoring using the same strategy as above with a new group of students.

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