#RIPTwitter trending as users fear the end of the platform

Twitter users responded quickly – possibly for the last time.

Twitter was ablaze Thursday night as hundreds of employees left the platform after Elon Musk’s ultimatum demanded that they commit to a “hardcore” work environment or be fired. Amid the “mass exodus,” #RIPTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter started trending as unbelieving Twitter users wondered if this signaled the demise of the social media site.

The chaos began Thursday night after Musk, who fired half of the company’s 7,500 employees after his $44 billion takeover, urged the remaining workers to “get on with Twitter 2.0” or leave by 5 p.m. A whopping 75% reportedly chose the latter, which could lead to an alleged 88% drop in the Twitter workforce since Musk’s acquisition, according to a tweet Thread by Fortune Techspert Kylie Robison.

#RIPTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter started trending on Twitter amid the mass exodus and the company's office closures.
#RIPTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter started trending on Twitter amid the mass exodus and the company’s office closures.
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Among those laid off were 80% of the technical staff, including the team that keeps the platform’s core system libraries running, The Verge reported. After the mass exodus, Twitter announced that its offices would be closed until Monday and access to workers’ ID cards would be blocked until then.

Twitter users are mourning what they believe is the platform's impending demise.

Twitter users are mourning what they believe is the platform’s impending demise.

Twitter users are slamming Musk for allegedly bankrupting the company.

Twitter users are slamming Musk for allegedly bankrupting the company.

Elon Musk arrives at Heidi Klum's 21st Annual Halloween Party at Sake No Hana at Moxy Lower East Side on October 31, 2022 in New York City.

Elon Musk arrives at Heidi Klum’s 21st Annual Halloween Party in New York City in 2022.

Needless to say, many Twitter users mourned what they believed to be the imminent demise of the platform, and also blasted Musk for allegedly causing the downfall.

“Musk turned one of the largest sites on the web into a crater in a month,” raged a disillusioned naysayer. “I never want to hear anyone call it anything other than Dips ever again. Twitter HQ RIP Twitter.”

“It has been my pleasure to tweet with all of you for the past 13 years. #RIPTwitter”, wrote another mourner in a prescient Twitter tribute. They also included the infamous still from Titanic, showing the musicians performing as the ship sinks.

“Bye Twitter, was a good run,” greeted a Twitter joke. They also uploaded one Image of the infamous “disaster girl” meme. with Musk’s smiling face above the girl and a Twitter logo on the burning house.

“Ugh, the end of an era,” lamented another next to him twitter bird famous meme Sipping coffee and shouting “that’s okay” while his house burns.

A social medium Comedian riffled on the idea of “ex-Twitter employees touting investors next week.” They then added a still of Don Draper from Mad Men with the one-liner, “Literally just Twitter with no Elon.”

Even Twitter boss Musk commented on the twitastrophe on Thursday evening. to kid: “How do you make a small fortune on social media? Start with a big one.”

He posted those too infamous Grant Gustin meme of the “Flash” actor flashing the peace sign next to a gravestone, but with the Twitter logo over the grave.

“Help us, Ligma Johnson, you are our only hope,” says the “Tesla Boss” quipped in a third tweet Reference to the immortal lineage of Princess Leia from “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”. He was referring to the Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson quips, which went viral earlier this month after they posed as Twitter employees jailed amid the mass layoffs.

Despite the chaos, Musk expressed optimism about the future of Twitter.

Bar stool sports director David Portnoy asked the SpaceX honcho on Twitter: “What do people mean when they say Twitter is shutting down?”

The disaster girl meme is getting a Musk makeover amid the Twitter crisis.
The ‘disaster girl’ meme gets a Musk makeover amid the Twitter crisis.
In this court sketch, Tesla CEO Elon Musk testifies on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, in a courtroom in Wilmington, Delaware.
In this court sketch, Tesla CEO Musk testifies Wednesday in a courtroom in Wilmington, Delaware.

“Doesn’t it sort itself out somehow?” he added. “I have a feeling engineers are for change, not just to keep it running? I don’t know either. Hey @elonmusk, do you want to make a twitter space with me? I’m confused.”

That Centimillionaire replied“The best people stay, so I’m not too worried.”

In a previous tweet, Musk claimed that Twitter “just hit another all-time high” in terms of usage. Musk’s takeover of the company was marred by chaos as he attempted to generate revenue from the financially troubled company.

Elon Musk in the coffee bar at Twitter headquarters in conversation with Twitter employees.
Musk in the coffee bar at Twitter headquarters talking to Twitter employees.
Twitter / @NoemiKhachian

One silly thing was the introduction – and subsequent repeal – of the Twitter Blue verification program, which required Twitter users to pay $7.99 a month for a blue tick next to their handles. The feature was shelved after Twitter users impersonated celebrities, brands and other high-profile figures.

Musk said Wednesday that he plans to spend less time on the social media platform and intends to find a new head to run the company as it undergoes a full organizational overhaul.


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