Reunion with the opening ceremony of the 1994 World Cup in the USA

When the Global Football Association ruled to award the organization of the 1994 tournament to the United StatesBeating Brazil and Honduras for the hosting role was it more than antagonistic. According to some opinions, the USA was and still is not a “suitable” football nation, a country without a top league. Many questions and debates were raised when he was offered the chance to host football’s holy grail.

Come in addition, historical circumstances like Russia, which appeared for the first time as Russia rather than the Soviet Union, and the reigning champions, who played as a unified German team after West Germany’s success in 1990, were there many novelties in this tournament from the beginning.

In general, the whole Year 1994 was unconventional, say the least. First, at the beginning of the year, the Tonya Harding Olympic Incidentfollowed by the Charged with double murder of OJ Simpsonthe baseball world series didn’t even happen while Michael Jordan received batting stats instead of ppg and played in the minor baseball leagues.

The opening ceremony

The chaotic opening ceremony came as no surprisewhat is happening with everything in the country.

It’s difficult to distract from the everyday melancholy of a World Cup opening ceremony. Still, the celebrities who signed up for the grand opening of the tournament at Chicago’s Soldier Field made it through.

Oprah Winfrey

The speaking host of the ceremony was Oprah Winfrey, who was already an established self-made media mogul back then. It was almost logical to see her in this role as her fame had already transcended the US market and she was a recognizable face around the world.

Immediately after greeting a worldwide television audience 750 million viewers and the announcement of Diana Ross’ performance by Oprah Winfrey fell off a platformand it appeared she had sprained her ankle from the fall.

Diana Ross

The Supremes The singer made her grand entrance by running down the center of the pitch while singing, “I come out‘ to a packed stadium. But then everything went a little wrong.

When she got to the other end of the square Ross was supposed to take a penalty with the goal splitting as part of a pre-orchestrated stunt. However, she missed it hilariously instead let the ball fly to the left, completely missing the goal – but the goal went apart anyway.

Noisy moans and boos echoed around the stadium as Ross screwed up their big moment.

The Epilogue

It started with a missed penalty and ended with Baggio missing the crucial penalty for Italy in the final.

The result for US Soccer? Well, there’s no question that the tournament forever changed the face of the game in the States. in the 1996, MLS was announced with ten initial teams lined up. This was the kickstart football that America needed. It’s just crazy that they had that World Championshipjust as hers Deduction.


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