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Some say the puzzles in Portal 2 are difficult (and fun) to solve, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game still doesn’t have a sequel is a question that easily tops that. Even after both titles in the series are critically successful on every front, there’s no sign of Portal 3.

Since the release of CS:GO, Valve has moved away from single player games. That’s a sad fact, considering that a single-player title, Half-Life, literally laid the groundwork for what the company is today.

Unfortunately, it’s now been over a decade since we solved the hardest puzzles as Chell, and it’s nagging fans that there’s no follow-up. There have been a few name drops from Portal 3 over the years. Cameos from GLaDOS as part of LEGO Dimensions also followed.

But that’s still not a solid nod for a sequel. It’s worth talking about. Let’s see what the odds are if the long-awaited sequel ever comes to fruition.

Portal 3 release date

Unfortunately, Portal 3 doesn’t have a definitive release date at this point. Valve also hasn’t confirmed when we should expect the game to arrive. However, if we were to speculate, we’d say that 2025 looks like a promising year for its launch.

portal 2
Image: valve

We still have a number of rumors like the datamin discussed above that offer some hope. Maybe Valve is listening to Erik Wolpaw’s petitions and a new game could finally get off the ground, or maybe it’s already in the works.

It’s tricky to talk too much about the what, when, and why of the game right now. Due to the fact that Valve has never officially commented on the game. However, we’ve always said that the gaming industry is a place where the motto “never say never” resonates pretty well. So, keep Portal 3 in mind for now and hope that Valve actually announces it in the near future.

Will Portal 3 ever be made?

Officially no, Portal 3 has not been announced. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never experience it. It’s true that Valve has shifted its focus to multiplayer IPs in the years since Portal 2’s release, but reports have been mounting lately that an unnamed entry into the franchise could be on the way.

Aperture desk job valve
Image: valve

In March 2022, Valve released the Aperture Desk Job game. It’s a game designed as a tech demo that showcases the capabilities of Valve’s new Steam deck. But the surprising thing about the game was that, as it turns out, it’s actually set in the “Extended Portal Universe” – an alternate timeline of sorts. While it doesn’t contain too much, it would be an addition to the main series.

According to a datamine by Tyler McVicker, some files found in Aperture Desk Job point to several upcoming Valve projects. Specifically, a sequel to the VR game Half-Life: Alyx, a port of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive based on Source 2, a multiplayer game Citadel, and most importantly, an untitled Portal game.

If the datamin turns out to be anything remotely true, then we might actually be in for a spin. It is possible that the game is not a direct sequel to Portal 2. Instead, we might get a spin-off, so you might not see the game carry the “3” in the title.

Portal co-writer says he’s getting old

As you may already know, Erik Wolpaw served as the screenwriter for the Portal series. During the Kiwi Talkz podcast in April, Wolpaw discussed the idea of ​​a sequel. Although he didn’t confirm the existence of Portal 3, he offered his thoughts on it:

“I’m not getting any younger. We’re getting to the point where it’s crazy to think that we’re literally too old to be working on Portal 3, so we should just do it.”

“We need to start Portal 3. That’s my message to… whoever.”

With “whoever” Wolpaw finally asks Valve’s president, Gabe Newell, to agree. He added that he would start working on the game immediately if given the opportunity. But unfortunately he can’t do it alone.

Another worrying thing is that the Aperture Desk Job datamine that happened in March suggests that a new Portal game will be out soon, despite this interview where Wolpaw stated that a new game isn’t in the works yet , took place the following month. That could mean the datamine was a total bust, and you shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet.

Valve follows a not-so-cool pattern

If Portal 3 is finally made, it will be a first for Valve in a way. Valve has actually never completed a trilogy when you think about it. Half-Life 3 never happened and neither did Left 4 Dead 3, the idea of ​​Team Fortress 3 just sits there and gathers dust. Likewise, it’s not surprising that the same is true of the Portal franchise.

Half-Life game valve
Image: Half-Life

Yes, there are more Half-Life games like Alyx and the standalone episodes released for the second game. But when it comes to mainline listings, there’s never a third – at least not. It doesn’t appear to be a conscious decision by Valve as they were quite far into the development of Left 4 Dead 3 until it was unfortunately scrapped.

Valve’s era of multiplayer games is going well. But in all honesty, we’re sure that one day they will start to get more active with single player titles. And we bet that Portal 3 will finally be released then.

Could Portal 3 be exclusive?

Since we saw the last Portal game over a decade ago, Valve has entered the handheld market. The company’s Steam Deck hit store shelves in early 2022. The device currently runs on the pre-installed SteamOS 3.3 and for games it rocks Steam – Valve’s famous game store.

As with the previous two parts, we’re confident that you can play Portal 3 on consoles and PC. Although now with the Steam Deck in the picture, it wouldn’t be shocking if Portal 3 launched as a timed exclusive for handheld.

Portal 2 valve
Image: valve

Exclusives are the biggest driving force behind the sales of any device in the gaming industry and there is no doubt about that. The PlayStation 5 would not have sold over 22 million units in two years if it weren’t for the backing of masterpieces like God of War, The Last of Us and Uncharted, all games fans can’t help but get their hands on to get . They are ultimately the engine of sales.

So far, the Steam Deck has over 1 million units in circulation, a pretty impressive number for an all-new device. Putting out a deck or two exclusives wouldn’t be a bad idea in any way. But the PC would also get Portal 3 based on the rule of thumb. While console ports would soon follow, in our opinion.

For now, that’s all we know for the next Portal game so far. It’s particularly disappointing to hear this when you know that even after a decade since the last installment, that’s pretty much all we’ve heard about a sequel. If Erik Wolpaw or Gabe Newell or anyone else reveals that a new entry is coming, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then, here’s a look at some of the best games to play on the Valve Index.


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