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Reign Supreme, a Netflix TV show focused on the renowned French brand NTM, is currently in development. In case you’re not familiar, NTM is a well-known French group consisting of two rappers named JoeuyStarr and Kool Shen, whose styles differ in that the former is known for a booming voice and the latter is known for a funkier flow.

The band is known for emphasizing the underrepresented and marginalized members of society, so it was about time the band got their own show. Despite the fact that some of the songs the group has recorded are overtly violent, they are also known to criticize racism and class inequality.

Content of Reign Supreme Season 1

Aside from the fact that it would follow the NTM tape, a lot is known about the television series’ narrative. The TV show will explain how the NTM band came about and what inspired its members to form the group. It could also highlight the difficulties the band members faced before becoming well known and praising them for creating quality French rap.

It could also focus on how the band members came together, their individual talents and voices and what each one has added to the band as a whole. The problems the group encountered after reaching a steady state, i.e. everything that almost tore them apart, could then be the subject of the series. It can also focus on the factors that held the group together.

Reign Supreme Season 1 cast

Bruno Lopes is played by Anthony Bajon, best known for his starring role in The Prayer, Didier Morville by Melvin Boomer and Daniel by Andranic Manet. Emmanuelle Hiron as Christiane Lopes, Liaka Blanca-Francard and Lady V, Keisha Courat as Dora, Daouda Keita as Solo, Arthur Choisnet as Tecol, Jonas Bachana as Franck Chevalier, Ismael Sy Savane as Jean Morville, Franc Bruneau as Jb and Leo Grimard as Bando are among the actors portraying DJ, Chino, Leo Charlie, Be

Reign Supreme Season 1 Trailer

The Reign Supreme series has already been published and can be viewed on IMDB. The teaser only shows a crowd gathering to hear the band members rap; nothing else can be seen. The rap is in French and it is not yet clear if the future program will also have English subtitles or if there will be an English version.

Release date of Reign Supreme Season 1

The TV series Reign Supreme will premiere on Netflix in the third week of November, according to IMDB. However, Netflix hasn’t given details on the start date or beginning of the series. Will the series premiere on time or will it be delayed? We’re still deciding if there will be an English version of the show, which is expected to have six episodes.


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