Pre-FIFA World Cup 2022 Football Acronyms Guide – NBC4 Washington

Soccer may be the world sport, but it’s still on the rise in the US. This can cause some confusion as fans struggle to keep up with the terms being thrown around on the pitch. These terms and slags will be on full display at the 2022 World Cup.

If you’re stressed about bombarding your friend with questions or secretly keeping Google open throughout the game, look no further: we’ve got the solution for you.

Here is a list of some common football acronyms you might see during the 2022 World Cup:

  • FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association): the international governing body for soccer, beach soccer and futsal. FIFA, consisting of 211 member associations and six associations, organizes the World Cup.
  • FOP (pitch): the rectangular field market by regulated borders.
  • FTE (full-time): End of the 90 minute period. FT does not include stoppage time or time allowed at the end of the game to accommodate regular game stoppages (e.g. injuries, on-field logistics).
  • GF (goals for): Total number of goals scored by a team.
  • GA (goals against): Total number of goals conceded by a team.
  • GD (goal difference): the difference between the number of goals conceded and goals conceded.
  • HT (Half Time): a 15-minute break between the two 45-minute halves. Unlike full-time, half-time includes injury time from the first half.
  • MP (games played): total games played
  • PA (points against): Total points earned by a team. Unlike GA, which only considers goals, PA is a measure of game results with a win equal to three points, a draw equal to one point, and a loss equal to zero points.
  • PC (penalty): a shot 12 meters from the goal line involving only one player and the goalkeeper. PKs are awarded when certain offenses (handball, fouls involving excessive force, thrown object interfering with play, etc.) are committed inside the penalty box. PKs can also be used to settle ties.
  • RC (red cards): a penalty that results in auto-ejection, forcing a team to downplay a man. Two yellow cards equal one red card. If a player receives a red card, he must miss the team’s next game
  • SOG (shots on goal): any shot on target that would have resulted in a goal had the goalkeeper not saved it.
  • VAR (Video Assistant Referee): additional match official using video to flag and review certain live calls deemed a potential “clear and obvious error” or “serious missed incident”. The four types of calls that can be checked under VAR are goal/no goal, penalty/no penalty, direct red card and false identity when a red or yellow card is applied.
  • YC (yellow cards): a warning penalty given by a referee to a player. The player’s number is then recorded by the referee. A warned player can continue the game. A second yellow card results in an automatic ejection and is the equivalent of a red card. If there are two yellow cards, a player must miss the team’s next game.


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