Oh no! #JioDown why is it trending? Why are World Cup fans angry? how to repair

The FIFA World Cup streaming on JioCinema was hit by a technical error and people were angry.

If you’re still on Twitter after the controversial Elon Musk takeover, you must have stumbled upon the #JioDown trend. At first glance, it seemed like Reliance Jio’s mobile service was under attack across the country, and people using Twitter let the community know about it. However, go through the series of tweets created by users and it’s easy to see that there is no indication of downtime on Reliance Jio’s network. In fact, it is related to a jio cinema that made many FIFA fans angry during the World Cup match.

This year, Jio Cinema was awarded the rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup matches live in India. However, the live stream of the first football game was plagued by several streaming issues. Viewers complained about jitter and stuttering and pauses at crucial stages of the game. The streaming eventually stopped due to a technical issue and fans were furious at the poor service. Many even accused FIFA of not awarding the broadcasting rights to the Star and Sony network.

The Jio cinema was down during the FIFA World Cup match

When the game was suspended, many fans were upset. Most of them took to Twitter to vent their frustration and blame Jio for not doing his job well enough. Jio Cinema later apologized to viewers in a separate tweet and urged viewers to update the app to fix the issue.

“We are constantly working to offer you a great experience. Please update your app to the latest version to enjoy #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022. Sorry for any inconvenience,” the tweet said.

However, the problem still doesn’t seem to be resolved and there are complaints on Twitter from users who have the app installed on their smart TVs. Viewers are even having trouble streaming on their PCs.

“With a 300 Mbit/s broadband connection, the picture keeps getting stuck. It’s a very bad experience. Now even @SonyLIV seems excellent in comparison. It will be a terrible experience for Indian fans. Get ready to be disappointed,” said one user after the update rolled out.

Another user suggested purchasing a paid subscription to get Voot’s updates. “Can’t even watch 1 minute. I subscribed to voting for the games. I don’t mind paying instead. Very disappointed,” wrote one viewer.

JioCinema FIFA streaming error: how to fix it

Some users have suggested that the JioCinema app’s streaming bug can be circumvented with a different multicam view. Supposedly, the streaming bug can be bypassed with the “extended stadium feed” from the multicam option. A user also says the cable cam feed is good and has a cool perspective.


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