New release date of Lookism Lands from Netflix

Streaming services have more often than not recognized the importance of anime in recent years, with Crunchyroll not being the only platform on the block creating original properties to expand the medium’s roster. While Netflix is ​​best known for Anime Originals as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Beastarsand Baki HanmaA new comedy series will be released this year that will be unlike anything the streaming service has released before.

For those who may not know it yet lookism, the upcoming anime series that will be exclusive to Netflix, first appeared in 2014 as a “WebTOON” comic from creator Park Tae-joon. In the original comic, the protagonist Park Hyung Seok is an obese, teased student who decides to quit his school to escape his daily torments, but inexplicably finds himself being bestowed a surprising ability. Park can now swap out his original body for a tall, handsome, and muscular form that he can switch between when one body is asleep and the other is awake. Switching between both bodies gives the anime protagonist a new understanding of society while attempting to navigate these two new worlds that he now finds himself in.

Check out the lookism

Netflix’s official anime Twitter account not only shared a new trailer for Lookism, but also revealed that the anime would premiere on the streaming service’s platform on December 8, with the anime being produced by Studio Mir of The Legend of Korra, Harley Quinnand The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare Fame:

December is going to be a big anime month for Netflix, and not just thanks lookismbut also thanks to the arrival of the last episodes of Stone Ocean, as JoJo’s bizarre adventure will finish his last season. 2023 will also be a big year for anime on the streaming service, such as Aggretsuko, The House Husband’s Way, Journal of Ragnarok, and more will be making comebacks.

WebTOON has been a big provider of anime adaptations lately with series such as God’s tower and noblesse fall under this banner.

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