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Garrett Whitlock had part of a hip injury last season.

In nine starts, Whitlock recorded a 4.15 ERA and a 23.1 percent strikeout rate as he adapted to the new role midseason. But the hip injury flared up in early June and put him out for more than a month. When he returned, the team limited their innings by using him again in the bullpen, but it was clear that Whitlock was in pain despite a 3.34 ERA and keeping opponents at a .196 average over 18 appearances. On September 26, he underwent season-ending surgery.


• Promising Austin Martin tried to add some more power, injured himself and returned to his old momentum.

Before the season started, the twins attempted to make changes to Martin’s approach to the record. The idea was that Martin – who has played a lot at shortstop but tends to be more of a second base and midfield profile – has such good hit-to-ball ability that in an attempt to do so he would find himself early in the count selling for power could do more harm. Even if he doesn’t get through, Martin is so good at hitting with two shots that he could shorten and still be on base enough to justify the switch.

But the changes never really caught on. In the first three months of the season, Martin hit .249/.378/.313 with 11 extra base hits in 283 plate appearances.

Martin ripped the UCL in his non-throwing hand on July 1 and missed 6 1/2 weeks. At that time, his name fell from lists of interested parties. Although it was thought he was almost ready for the major leagues by the start of the season, Martin’s name never surfaced as a possible option as the Twins dealt with those late-season injuries.

But Martin recently told MLB Pipeline that he’s been using his free time to recalibrate. He made a new plan with his hitting coaches and started again. Martin returned to action on August 17 and returned to his old approach, ending with a solid September.

• Byron Buxton was cleared for candidacy.

After undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in late September, Byron Buxton told reporters (including the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Michael Rand) that he was now cleared to run. The Twins outfielder won’t be fully sure of his status until he starts running and can really test his knee strength, but “I have a good plan to prepare for spring training. For me, it’s about following that plan and sticking with it, not trying to overdo it.”

The recovery process appears to be keeping pace with the 6 to 8 week timeline originally projected for surgery in September. While the arthroscopic procedure was relatively minor, it marks another injury in Buxton’s long medical history.

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• Garrett Crochet is likely to be used as a multi-inning reliever.

Katz sounded open to the potential of multi-innings trips out of the bullpen, but said he “don’t think there’s a start in sight next year” for Crochet, which would mean without a professional start to his Arbitration years could go name.



• Vaughn Grissom working on his shortstop defense with Ron Washington.

If it wasn’t obvious that there is a very real possibility that Swanson will leave as a free agent, there should be now. The Braves sent Grissom Sunday from his home in Orlando, Fla. to New Orleans to work on “Wash,” the first of three planned week-long sessions aimed at one thing: getting the 21-year-old ready to shortstop play regularly in the main subjects.

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• I’ve seen several non-industry guys bring up Kyle Lewis’ lack of athleticism and his pure DH profile.

After several knee injuries, these settings could be correct. He played four outfield games that season and the 14 as a DH or pinch hitter. His sprint speed dropped from 27.7 ft/s to 24.1 ft/s, or from the 67th percentile to the 2nd percentile. He will start the season as a pure util player and may never gain outfield eligibility.


• Kyle Harrison has a chance to start the season in rotation.

If the Giants had been in the running, you might have seen Harrison get promoted in September. Zaidi said Harrison will likely debut early next season and may even be an option to crack the opening day rotation.

In AAA, Henderson posted 13.6 K/9, 4.2 BB/9, 36% GB% and 3.11 ERA. I haven’t seen detailed reports on him yet, but it’s a name to follow as the offseason progresses.


• Nick Martinez keeps saying he wants to start.

So how can we structure something that values ​​what I can bring to the table while giving me that security and opportunity to start and show that I can start for a full season and go from there?

As you said, you have the option to start on a full-time basis. How were those conversations with the Padres up to this point?

The opportunity is there, isn’t it? Now I have to do my part. As someone who has basically bet their whole career on themselves, I think it’s cool to do that and I look forward to doing that and showing them I can do it.


• Ji-Man Choi injured his elbow last season and will have surgery this off-season.

Before meeting his future teammates, Choi will undergo a minor surgery on his right elbow to remove a broken bone, something general manager Ben Cherington addressed after the deal was made official. Choi explained that his elbow felt swollen throughout the season, making it difficult to straighten his arms.


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