Matt Ryan explains how he’s staying ready despite not being a permanent member of the rotation

While it’s very early for the Los Angeles Lakers to turn the page from a very disappointing start to the season, there haven’t been many positive moments for Lakers fans in the 13 games they’ve played.

One of the most uplifting memories the Lakers have captured so far is the 3-pointer Matt Ryan took against the New Orleans Pelicans. Ryan, who carved his role from a training camp invite, has proven to be a spark off the bench for a team looking for answers.

Ryan’s story of going from being a DoorDash delivery driver to a dream that only a small percentage of people can achieve is empowering. Speaking about his journey to professional basketball in an interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, Ryan describes the moment it clicked to be in the NBA:

“I thought my ‘welcome to the NBA moment’ was after we made that big pitch, then a few nights later we played Utah and I pretty much didn’t do anything,” Ryan said. “One night you might have to save the day, the other night you might literally not be asked to do anything. So it’s just a matter of staying ready and trying to be as consistent as possible.”

In life and in the NBA, you never know when an opportunity to shine will come. The “stay ready” mentality Ryan is endowed with has propelled his name and sniping skills onto the national stage. Despite coming off the bench, the 25-year-old winger’s process of waiting for Darvin Ham to call his number is as mature as a seasoned NBA veteran:

“Even if I’m standing up to cheer, I’ll do a quick hamstring or hip stretch just to try and stay loose,” Ryan said. “So I was ready to go in. I remember staying loose towards the end of the fourth quarter because it was a tight game. I was like, ‘If this turns into a 3-point game, I might have to go back in.'”

The sky is the limit for Ryan when it comes to shooting the basketball. Maybe he can become the next big perimeter shooter alongside LeBron James, but in the meantime, Ham and the Lakers can move forward and count on the big game Ryan can deliver for Purple and Gold.

Davis believes Lakers need to cut back on “my bad” plays

It’s the little things that make a successful team in the NBA. For the Lakers, the big weaknesses like perimeter shooting take their toll, but also the small mistakes that don’t really show up in the box score.

Anthony Davis recently said he believes the Lakers should cut back on “my bad” plays over the course of games.

Davis, who continues to find his voice as a leader in the Purple and Gold dressing room, is taking the steps necessary to cultivate a culture of accountability in a young Lakers roster.

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