Lookism Anime Release Date Confirmed After Delay With Official Trailer

As confirmed by the official Twitter account of Netflix animeLookism will appear on the streaming platform December 8, 2022. The original release date for the series was initially set for November 4, but was pushed back due to the unfortunate incident that occurred on October 29 in Seoul’s Itaewon area, during which a crowd killed at least 158 ​​people and injured about 196 were as reported by the New York Times.

Written and illustrated by Park Tae-Joon, Lookism is one of the most acclaimed webtoon series that began its original run in November 2014 and is currently in its nineteenth volume. Given the rating received from fans, the creators decided to create an anime adaptation of the series, which will be distributed through Netflix next month.


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Along with the announcement of the new release date, a new trailer was also released by Netflix. The trailer shows the series’ main character, Daniel Park, waking up in his handsome new body while his awkward old self is lying on the floor. He then remembers all the insults and bullying he faced living in an unattractive body and decides to change everything with his new form.

As expected, his life takes a sudden turn and all the girls in his class are attracted to him, while boys start to envy him. Besides his looks, Daniel is also getting stronger and decides to help those who are going through the same torture he went through while living in his old body. The trailer also features the song “Like That” by popular South Korean band Ateez.

Lookism is animated by Studio Mir, known for other popular shows and films such as DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Harley Quinn, Batman: Soul of the Dragon, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, The Death of Superman, and several other well-known projects. The upcoming anime’s characters are also reportedly inspired by real people. South Korean model Park Hyung-Seok was the inspiration for Daniel’s character, while Jay Hong’s character was inspired by Hong Jae-Yeol. DG’s character was inspired by South Korean rapper G-Dragon, Oliver Jang by Jang Dongwoo, and Aru by popular singer-songwriter UI.

Lookism will be released exclusively on Netflix on December 8th.

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