How much do referees earn per game at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

That best referees in football associations will direct the games next year World Cup in Qatar. FIFA tries to choose the referees the highest award and experience. At major tournaments such as the World Championships and Continental Championships, match officials almost always have a significant workload.

The referees too receive substantial compensation for this important work at these events. Since the World Cup in Russia (2018), the governing body of the FIFA World Cup has regulated it this way Each match referee would receive a base fee of US$70,000 for their participation in the FIFA World Cup. FIFA has also decided that, for the first time in the history of this competition, each assistant referee will receive USD 25,000 for their participation in the World Cup.

The money made by a match official at a World Cup event is at least three times higher than the amount they receive for refereeing in the UEFA Champions League.

World Cup News:

gaming fees

match referee

That game refereethe most influential person on the pitch and primarily responsible for the flow of the game gets paid $3,000 for the group stage, as well as for the playoffs or finals, their fee increases by $10,000. In most cases, a match official oversees an average of two games and FIFA adds game fees earned to their contracted salary. A successful referee who would officiate all matches including the final, could earn up to $300,000 during the tournament.

assistant referee

The two assistant referees on each side of the field mainly check for offsides and fouls in their vicinity and those that are not well seen by the match referee. In fact, they are paid a fraction less than the referee for their dedication and work. $2,500 for the group stageand a playoff/final fee of $5,000. The perfect case for the assistant referees would be their entire tournament payout $150,000

Fourth Officer

That fourth officer is someone who oversees the substitution procedure and checks a player’s or substitute’s equipment. It is your duty to monitor the rally during play. Your fee is the same as that of the assistant referee, $2,500/$5,000 per gameand the expected total payout of the tournament (run to final) is $150,000.

Video Assistant Referees

That most significant change in the football rules of recent years that is Introduction of video assistant referees. Those selected for the 2022 FIFA World Cup will earn $3,000 for a gameand in the later stage of the tournament their fee increases to $5,000with the ideal total tournament payout $175,000.

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