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Viewers of a local news program got to see a whole new side of the Buffalo Bills last week.

The station conducted an interview in the team’s dressing room. The camera was focused on the face of a player speaking into a microphone.

There’s nothing unusual about that, is there?

But… let’s take a look at what happened in the background of the shot.

There, a player stood by his locker with his back to the camera, wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

Nobody who conducted the interview and nobody who prepared it for the broadcast noticed it.

But the people watching on TV certainly did.

“Buffalo News Stations who’s getting fired tonight???” @reallyytayy wrote on Twitter, where she posted screenshots from the segment without naming the broadcaster.

People also read…

  • “Extreme” storm forecast: 2, 3 even 4 feet of snow possible
  • What to expect over the next 48 hours: The city’s heaviest lake-effect snow is set to arrive tonight as colder air continues to sweep across the region.
  • NFL VP of Officiating on Davis Non-Review, Cousins ​​stop at goal line, Allen fumbles
  • The weekend forecast – snow, snow and more snow
  • Tage Thompson is still “hungry” to score more goals and defend better to help the Sabers win
  • Even the upcoming blizzard radar has a Bills theme
  • Three questions: Call it the most painful regular-season loss of the Sean McDermott era
  • Security forces were hailed as heroes after subduing the suspected gunman in an attack on the Buffalo Clinic
  • Dramatic videos show moments when hospital guards stopped a gunman with an AR-15
  • Lake effect snow begins Thursday evening, with up to 3 inches of snow per hour forecast
  • Travel ban reinstated in parts of Buffalo
  • Accused shooter charged in shooting at methadone clinic, remanded in custody
  • Thermo Fisher makes layoffs on Grand Island
  • Buffalo, Erie County is urging residents to prepare for a blizzard that will be anything but “typical.”
  • Updates on Bill’s injuries: 5 bills out due to illness, Allen restricted, Poyer returns to training

The post drew numerous happy replies, some of which attempted to identify the butt in question.

“God bless America. That’s the coverage we need,” said one. “You say fired. I hear promoted,” said another.

Perhaps Jeff Russo, a host and reporter at WKBW, put it best in his own tweet.

“If the other stations in town could reduce nudity on newscasts that would be great,” he wrote. “Was greeted home by my 8 year old daughter who said her friend told her there was a butt on the TV. Then she asked if it was me.”

The promise of a major sea-effect storm always brings national attention to Buffalo, and this week is no different.

The Weather Channel, NBC News, and other news organizations have sent crews here to breathlessly report on all the snow that’s coming our way.

We are pleased that you are interested in our trade fair city. Especially if they can find our city.

During a segment in Thursday’s “Nightly News with Lester Holt” on NBC, a “breaking news” warning trumpeting “winter storm state of emergency” was superimposed over a New York state map.

An arrow was placed in the center of a circular target labeled “Buffalo” – except the bull’s-eye was not close to us.

Instead, NBC located it somewhere above Watertown, on the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

East Aurora resident Cliff DeFlyer describes blowing 22 inches of snow off his driveway.

Attentive viewers quickly pointed out the geographical error.

“Buffalo isn’t there @NBCNews,” wrote Omar Fetouh on Twitter.

A prankster replied, “It was snowing so hard they couldn’t see it.”

Another Twitter user named Tim asked WGRZ meteorologist Elyse Smith to help her parent network find Buffalo.

“Well, guess the Lake Effect wind blew Buffalo about 200 miles northeast. Damn great geniuses,” remarked Brett Carruthers.

You’ve almost certainly heard of Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. You’ve probably also heard of Small Business Saturday (next day) and Cyber ​​Monday (for online sales).

Apparently the cannabis industry doesn’t want to miss out on the commercial fun. So here comes Green Wednesday which is “one of the biggest days for cannabis deals and sales” according to Weedmaps.

weed cards the leading online marketplace for cannabis businesses, consumers and practitioners recently analyzed over 1 million Christmas purchases from the last year and found some cannabis shopping trends.

For example, there was a 167% increase in orders that used promotional codes. More than 3 million monthly active users placed orders from the Emerging East states, including New York, with 40% more sales during the holidays. And cannabis flower was the most popular product sold in emerging markets, accounting for 58% of all sales.

Unfortunately, industry advocates may have missed an opportunity for catchy alliteration. They should have called it Weed Wednesday.


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