Everything we know so far about Pixar’s next film

Disney and Pixar are preparing to once again take us on a journey of the heart, mind and soul to learn more about ourselves, each other and our world through fantastical universes and enchanting cartoon characters. There brings us from the inside to the outside In 2015, audiences can expect groundbreaking stories about self-love, courage, empathy and pursuing your dreams that will have a huge impact on audiences of all ages. The studio’s latest project, Elementary, attempts to continue that impact with a story about finding common ground despite our differences. This heartwarming tale will make you feel good inside as the characters try to turn their differences into water under the bridge, even if it means things get churned up and get into a bit of hot water.


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Check out the Elemental trailer

Dreamy, cute and definitely silly, that Elementary The teaser trailer introduces viewers to the four different types of residents that live in the Element City, along with the two main characters, Ember and Wade. Blasts of air, lumps of land, drops of water and fiery flames join a busy train in the minute-long preview, which also introduces something about the physics of this new universe. The air beings can hover around and even sit upside down on the train’s ceiling. An aquatic being drops his lipstick as the train hits a bump, and the product lands inside her, floating around her head. She may need to visit the filter station the train passes to have them removed. A land creature smiles at the newly grown grass on its head, and Ember is injured when Wade accidentally drips water on her hand.

When will Elemental be released?

Elementary will arrive in the heat of the summer movie season, with a slated release on Father’s Day weekend, June 16, 2023.

Is Elemental Coming To Theaters?

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Elementaryhow light year before that, only in theaters. Disney previously allowed early viewing of its feature films through the Disney+ Premiere Access option, which cost an additional $30 per film in addition to the audience’s monthly subscription, but as many films return to theaters, Disney has abandoned the direct-to-stream system .

Can you stream Elemental?

Once Elementary is made available to stream, it will likely only be available on Disney+. The studio typically lets its feature films run in theaters for around 45 to 90 days before they are available for digital purchase or streaming.

What is Elemental about?

Image via Pixar

The official movie synopsis is as follows:

The film travels alongside an unlikely couple, Ember and Wade, to a city where people of fire, water, land and air live together. The fiery young woman and the driving guy are about to discover something fundamental: how much they actually have in common.

Ember and Wade live in a bustling town on the bay connected by bridges. Many of the residents live in towering skyscrapers designed for their specific elements. The dwellings of the land creatures are covered with lush greenery where their earthy denizens grow and tend their sprouts; Water creatures can use water slides to move around, and windmills power the homes of air creatures. However, it seems that the fire beings live on the other side of the bridge in low-rise buildings, each adorned with a chimney that blows smoke out of the small, cozy houses. Why do the fire beings live apart from the others? Maybe to keep the air creatures from evaporating, or to keep the land creatures’ many trees and plants from burning up, or to keep the water creatures from accidentally dousing their flames. The trailer not only introduces us to the elements, but also how they interact with each other, giving a glimpse of the possible plot of the film. A water creature sneezes and as a result the grass of a land creature grows; an air creature excitedly smells the flowers growing from a land creature’s armpit, while another land creature with a wooden nose carefully pulls her child away from the smoldering embers as it passes. If she walks past an air creature, part of its head will vaporize and reappear once she’s gone. And as water drips from Wade’s hand as he tries to help Ember pick up her dropped headphones, her hand sizzles and she says “Ow” in pain. It is also notable that Ember, the only fire creature on the train, appears to be wearing a cloak of heat-resistant material, which may be required to protect her fellow Element City residents from their intense heat. Ember’s struggle to navigate the city and develop relationships with its residents seems to drive the film’s plot.

With the phrase “opposites react”, a play on the saying “opposites attract” appearing on the screen after the two main characters meet, many viewers are wondering if elementaI will have a romantic element and if the big gulp of water will spark feelings for this new flame. We’ll have to wait and see if things get a little (PG rated) hot between the two as they try to bring about meaningful change in their town.

Who is in the cast of Elemental?

The voices of Wade and Ember in Pixar's Elemental, Mamoudou Athie and Leah Lewis
Images via Netflix; The CW

Wade Ripple is voiced by Mamoudou Athie. Wade is said to be a go-with-the-flow guy. He’s not one to make waves and seems a little uncomfortable when he and Ember start stirring things up Elementary World.

Elementary will be Mamoudou Athie’s first-ever voice acting role, although audiences may recognize him as Ramsay Cole in the 2022 film Jurassic World: Dominionor as a curious VHS enthusiast in the Netflix thriller series Archive 81.

Ember Lumen is spoken by Leah Lewis. Ember is quite the banger. From the rooftop of her home on an island of fire, she gazes longingly at the bustling, high-tech city across the bridge and dreams of a world she doesn’t have to fear to navigate.

Leah Lewis is best known for her portrayal of educated romantic misfit Ellie Chu on the Netflix drama Half of itas well as her recurring role as a Georgia ‘George’ fan in the Nancy Drew Series. Elementary will also be Lewis’ first-ever voice acting role, although she is already working on her next one. Lewis will voice a character named Räv in the upcoming animated adventure film The Tiger’s Apprenticewhich features an almost entirely Asian/Pacific Islander cast, including kill Eve‘s Sandra Ah and Crazy rich AsiansHenry Goldling.

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Who Makes Elemental?

This Disney Pixar film is directed peter sonwho first joined Pixar Studios in 2000. This is his first credited directorial role, although he is known for his work in the studio’s art department on films Find Nemo and The Incrediblesand to voice characters light year and Luke. peter doctorauthor for from the inside to the outside, High, Soul, and Wall-E has taken on the role of executive producer alongside producer Denise Riemknown for her work on High, cars 2and toy story 4. Fans of these films are excited to see the impact producers will have on them Elementary Screenplay written by Brenda Hue. Hsueh is known for producing and writing adult comedy series such as How I met your mother and To be honestalthough she had previously worked on and advised the director of a high-powered Disney Pixar coming-of-age project To redden, Dome Shi.


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