Celebrities against Qatar World Cup 2022: List of celebrities who condemned or refused Qatar to appear at the World Cup

The Qatar World Cup has been surrounded by controversy since the Middle Eastern nation first announced the tournament in 2010, and while some celebrities are proud to attend, others condemn the event.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar started on November 20th and has already seen a lot of controversy. FIFA and Qatar were condemned by Human Rights Watch over reports that migrant workers paid illegal recruitment fees in the year before the event.

A spokesman said: “The real legacy of this tournament will be how Fifa, Qatar and everyone who benefits from this World Cup have left families of thousands of migrant workers in debt after they died and many migrant workers who had their wages stolen, left without compensation.”

Meanwhile, LGBTQ+ activists have condemned the event being held in a country where homosexuality is illegal. Despite backlash even from footballers, many stars have endorsed Qatar and agreed to perform there, such as Robbie Williams and David Beckham, but who has bucked this trend?

Here are the celebrities who have condemned or refused to take part in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


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