CBS News, Partners Suspend Twitter Activity Due to ‘Uncertainty’ – Rolling Stone

In the middle of potential Twitter’s impending demise, mass terminations and the influx of rule changes initiated by Elon Musk, CBS News and some of the key affiliates under the company’s umbrella have suspended tweeting on the platform.

At the end of a televised CBS News report on the chaos at Twitter, CBS News national correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti informed viewers: “Given the uncertainty surrounding Twitter and as a precautionary measure, CBS News is pausing its activities on the social media site since she continues to monitor the platform.”

That very statement soon leaked to CBS affiliates like KPIX in San Francisco, which tweeted the same statement before pausing their own Twitter activity. While CBS Los Angeles, CBS Chicago, CBS Dallas and CBS New York did not tweet the statement, none of these partners have tweeted anything in the last 20 hours. CBS’ Main Twitter Account hasn’t posted anything since thursday.

The Twitter accounts for shows like CBS Evening News, CBS morning and CBS News herself has stopped tweeting since Friday noon, and many of her correspondents – including Vigliotti, Scott MacFarlaneand Vladimir Duthier – have not tweeted since the statement was published.

While Twitter activity has ceased, CBS News has continued to post prolifically to its Facebook, including segments from this Saturday CBS morning Consequence.

(However, not all CBS affiliates adhere to the “excessive caution,” as the station continues to tweet its news in cities like Seattle, Miami, Houston, and Phoenix — to name a few.)

CBS News’ decision came hours before another eventful night on Twitter, where Musk — having originally announced Donald Trump’s reinstatement was under review — tweeted a poll asking if the former president would be allowed back on the platform; Musk didn’t elaborate on whether he would act on the results of the poll, which at press time is leaning a few percentage points in favor of Trump’s reinstatement after nearly 12 million votes.


Following Friday night’s last-minute meeting at Twitter HQ, Musk and everyone still around are reportedly preparing to parry a crushing blow to Twitter and its skeletal crew: The World Cup, the soccer tournament, this weekend in Qatar, has in the past swamped the platform with so much traffic that the remaining infrastructure could break.

“Given the lack of preparation and staff shortages, I think it’s going to be a tough World Cup for Twitter,” said a former employee the guard, adding that whether Twitter will survive the weekend unscathed is a coin toss. “If we’re lucky, it will recover with minimal disruption.”


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