Buddy Daddies Anime Releases Intense Trailer, Reveals Cast and Release Date

In the upcoming original anime Buddy Daddies, slated for January 2023, two assassins trade their guns and explosives for teddy bears and ice cream.

buddy dads, The original anime, about killers who unexpectedly turn into doting dads, released a new trailer in anticipation of its 2023 release.

Produced by PA WORKS (Akiba Maid War, Ya Boy Kongming! and angel beats!), buddy dads follows two professional hit men as they face one of the most difficult tasks of their careers: babysitting the four-year-old daughter of a crime boss. The anime’s official account released its first trailer, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect along with casting details. The trailer is fast-paced, throwing the two killers into adrenaline-pumping situations like a gunfight and a chase. The intensity increases tenfold as they now have to take care of a little girl who doesn’t seem to have any conceptual understanding of what danger is.

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When Kazuki Kurusu is not working as a criminal contractor/coordinator, he is playing and spending his time flirting with women. Kazuki lives with his best friend Rei Suwa, a professional assassin who has dedicated his life to the assassin. The two represent a pair of extreme opposites that somehow work: the extroverted Kazuki is often seen with a smile on his face, while Rei, in contrast, says very little and prefers to play video games when not killing people. One day, while on a mission disguised as Santa Claus, Kazuki meets a four-year-old girl named Miri Unasaka who is looking for the father of her mafia boss. Things only get worse when the hotel where Kazuki and Rei are staying is suddenly lit by gunfire.

Notable talent for languages ​​appears in Buddy Daddies

Toshiyuki Toyonaga provided the voice of Kazuki. Toyonaga is known for playing Yuri Katsuki in figure skating anime Yuri!!! on ice, Hideyoshi Nagachika in Tokyo Ghoul and Tanizaki out Bungo Stray Dogs. Koki Uchiyama will play Rei. Uchiyama has worked with Toyonaga in the past when he provided his voice for Juri Plisetsky Yuri!!! on ice. He has also portrayed Shigaraki from my hero academy, Tsukishima out Haikyu!! and tact off tact op. fate. Hina Kino will speak to Miri. Kino portrayed Misato in the 2016 series Turned offOh Ramus in The devil is a part-timer! and Hanako Honda in Asobi asobase.

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Directed by Yoshiyuki Asai (Bungo Stray Dogs and Ya boy Kongming!), the main staff of buddy dads Includes Katsumi Enami (Baccano! and Restaurant in another world) as a character designer. Responsible for the story draft is Vio Shimokura, who wrote Tokyo 24th district. Yuko Kakihara (Cells at work!) will join Shimokura in the series composition. The music is composed by Katsutoshi Kitagawa, who composed the music for Kubo won’t let me be invisible and Cardcaptor Sakura: Delete card.

buddy dads Premiering in January 2023.

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