Boruto: Shippuden – release date, story and what you should know

Created as a sequel to the universally acclaimed Naruto Franchise, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations aired in 2017. However, this time instead of the original legendary creator Masashi KishimotoBoth the manga and anime were designed by his longtime assistant Ukyō Kodachi initially. After Chapter 52, however, Kishimoto returned as an author. Since its debut, with a relatively large audience, the anime hasn’t had much luck in satisfying fans, mainly due to the sheer number of fill-in episodes.

That being said, the anime has its moments, and the biggest one so far has been an older Boruto going up against an older Kawaki in the future, while the current story takes place in flashbacks. It’s something that has fans wondering if there will be one Boruto: Shippuden Anime, like the original anime Naruto showed its aged characters in the sequel Naruto: Shippuden. So here’s everything you need to know about the sequel.

When is Boruto: Shippuden coming out?

Unfortunately, both publisher Shueisha and creator Masashi Kishimoto have not confirmed Boruto: Shippuden. At the moment, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is slated to be a full anime, so it’s unlikely there will be a Shippuden sequel.

So far, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been piling up Over 270 episodes– much more than the original Naruto. Due to the shorter originally planned nature of the story, we speculate that the anime will most likely end episode 550but if Kishimoto decides to continue the storyline beyond that point, the chances of a sequel will surely increase.

What is Boruto: Shippuden about? (spoiler alert)

To have Over 160 filler episodes From the first 270, the Boruto anime became an object of widespread criticism. The manga only has a handful of chapters, but due to the high demand of the series, the publisher never stops releasing episodes and that’s basically why the plot was so thin.

If Boruto: Shippuden were to be made, it will most likely take inspiration from Naruto: Shippuden by showing older versions of the cast through a time warp. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations already builds on the inevitable duel between Boruto and Kawaki predicted in the anime, as such Timeskip is pretty much exactly where the story will go in a possible sequel.

Which studio makes Boruto: Shippuden?

Up until now, everything has been done by Naruto including the films, seasons and spin-off anime Boruto Studio Pierrot. So if we were to bet on a studio to make Boruto: Shippuden, Pierrot would be an easy call.

Be it the spooky moments in Bleach or an entire war between shinobi clans, Studio Pierrot’s animation has never faltered when it comes to making those bits feel alive, so hopefully that will still be the case when Boruto: Shippuden happens.

Where will Boruto: Shippuden air?

Since there is no official Boruto: Shippuden anime, you can’t stream it online everywhere. But when the anime is announced, like its predecessor, you’ll find all the episodes available on services like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

Given the ongoing status of the current anime series and the fact that Kishimoto has declared that the series will end in About 30 volumes, Boruto: Shippuden doesn’t seem necessary. While that may be the case, most fans asking for a sequel are probably worried about the anime ending anytime soon, but since Shueisha has no plans for that in the near future, there’s still plenty of Boruto to get your fill of be able.

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