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The most memorable of Mikaela Shiffrin‘s 76 World Cup wins head into the Killington Cup in Vermont on Saturday and Sunday (every day at 12:30 p.m. ET on NBC and Peacock)…

December 20, 2012: Victory #1

Under the lights in Åre, Sweden, a 17-year-old Shiffrin became the second youngest American to win a World Cup (jody nail, 1969). The look on her face was priceless. “I think I was just trying to fly,” she said shortly after the win. “I’ll probably hug my mother a lot.”

“I don’t really like success,” she later added, according to The Associated Press. “I like to sleep at night and hang out in the hotel room with my mother. I’m afraid there might be a little hype. But I’ll take it. I do it with pleasure.”

Nov 28, 2015: A record escape

Shiffrin, a Coloradan, enjoyed comfort food at Aspen by winning a slalom by a whopping 3.07 seconds by combining times from two heats. It was the largest margin in World Cup women’s slalom history and larger than the margin that separated second place from 18th place.

“I do not think so [my competitors] will always let me get away with three seconds,” she said of the day. She was right. Shiffrin won the next day by just 2.65 seconds (fourth largest margin in history).

Nov 27, 2016: First win at Killington

Shiffrin was recently asked about her favorite of her five slalom wins (of five starts) at Killington. She said it was her first time there at the very first World Cup weekend. Not so much for her performance – she prevailed by 0.73 seconds for a record-breaking 10th consecutive World Cup slalom win. But for now, she shared afterward — a goal area photo with dozens of members of Team Shiffrin, including her 95-year-old grandmother. “The proudest thing I’ve ever been is winning a race ahead of my grandmother,” she said at the time.

“Sometimes I ask myself, when I’m racing, is the pressure I’m feeling right now, and almost the nausea I’m feeling from that pressure, worth it?” she said recently. “Sometimes it only takes a moment to realize how much it’s worth. And that was the moment for me.”

March 17, 2019: Mikaela’s masterpiece

The exact peak of Shiffrin’s career? On that day, she ended arguably the greatest season in history (a record 17 World Cup victories), crowned by winning her first giant slalom title of the season at the World Cup Finals.

“The work is so worth it when you can say I’m really living my dream that I had when I was 5 years old,” she said at those World Cup finals. “I thought maybe it’s impossible, and then you realize it’s possible, and now you’re starting to push the boundaries of what everyone in the world thinks is possible. That’s a really cool feeling, but the feeling doesn’t change. I’m still just a girl with a dream.”

14 Dec 2020: An emotional return

Shiffrin’s first win since her father’s death, Jeff, the previous February 2nd. She won a giant slalom in Courchevel, France, and after a restrained reaction and falling to her knees, called it bittersweet. “After all, it’s hard to believe I could go back to this point,” she said in one of several emotional post-race interviews. “I’m really excited, but it’s also pretty sad because … I think that’s obvious.”

Shiffrin later wrote on social media, “Cheers to the wonderful and kind people who said I’d lost my fire forever. This is for you. Also this is for every single person that helps me get the fire back.”

January 11, 2022: A legendary victory

Shiffrin broke down in tears as she won a night slalom in Schladming, Austria, a legendary men’s venue that has hosted a women’s slalom for only the second time. It was also the site of Shiffrin’s first world title in 2013. But the setting wasn’t the sole reason for Shiffrin’s collapse. She had – relatively for her – struggled in her marque discipline while being a rival Petra Vlhova Slovakia kept looking stronger. Shiffrin bounced back from fifth place to victory after heat one, edging out heat one leader Vlhova.

“It feels like it didn’t happen,” said Shiffrin, whose win broke the record for most World Cup victories in a single event (her 47th slalom). “Aside from Killington, it will be my most memorable race, maybe even of my career, for obvious reasons.”

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