49ers News: Bring on the Saints

49ers training and media schedule leading up to Week 12 matchup vs. Saints

“The San Francisco 49ers will have three full practice sessions this week as the team prepares for their Week 12 matchup against the New Orleans Saints. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, only two offices will be open to the media.”

The 49ers players with the highest and lowest scores from PFF vs. Cardinals, plus snap counts

“Trent Williams, LT, 94.4, 51 snaps.”

Trent Williams responds to criticism with his best game ever: 49ers Minutia Minute (Paywall)

“They ended up making more games — 71 to 58 — than the 49ers, and they held the ball 51 seconds longer than San Francisco. But while the 49ers had no sacks and no turnovers, the Cardinals threw two interceptions, turned the ball on downs twice and conceded three sacks.”

Charvarius Ward: I don’t respect the game of “Steroid Boy” DeAndre Hopkins

“He was locked up. He did some dirty stuff,” Ward said. “He tried to cut me off, he grabbed my throat. He grabbed my face mask at a game so I don’t respect his game. That’s a steroid boy.”

Why Whitner sees the 49ers as the best NFC team after shellacking cards

“The 49ers’ DNA is physical running, hard nose defense, out to your quarterback. And Jimmy Garoppolo is playing the best football of his career… If the 49ers keep playing like this, you can get your ticket stamped in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Nick Bosa: Altitude was brutal, grateful 49ers practicing in Colorado last week

“[49ers owner] John York got the ball,” Bosa said of the Associated Press’s David Brandt. “Having him put us in this situation and spending the money that you have to spend to do something like this is why the Niners are a successful franchise.”

Kawakami: Working through 49ers’ QB options in 2023; can they afford the rising price of Jimmy Garoppolo? (pay wall)

“Shanahan and Lynch will wait and see if Garoppolo stays healthy and continues to play at this level (remember that a big part of the call for Garoppolo to leave was his inability to stay healthy in recent years and his poor play, when he tried to play fast after injury). They’ll see how far they get in the playoffs when they get there. And they’ll see what it takes to re-sign Garoppolo once he reaches free agency, taking all other factors into account. (Note: As part of Garoppolo’s agreement last August to return to the team on a reduced salary as a backup, the 49ers agreed not to mark him as a franchise. That option is the only one that’s completely off the table.)


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